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With your support, WFP reaches the world’s most vulnerable people with the food and nutrition they need to survive crisis, build resilience and achieve stability.


That's how many people you help feed each year


Children make up 62% of all the people WFP serves


WFP leads hunger relief operations in 83 countries

Effective Programs Fight Hunger & Save Lives

Emergency Relief

From natural disasters to outbreaks of violence, WFP does whatever it takes to reach people wherever and whenever disaster strikes. With early-warning systems and pre-positioned supplies of food, WFP is able to respond immediately. Beyond food, WFP also supports telecommunications, rebuilds roads and works with local governments to get people back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Source: Learn More Photo: WFP/Alejandro Chicher

Resilience Building

The bulk of WFP's work is aimed at helping people build the skills and acquire the resources they need to feed themselves, withstand future upheaval and become self-reliant. This happens in myriad ways: working with small-scale farmers to improve their techniques; providing food in return for locals' work on community assets like bridges and damns; and distributing debit cards that can boost local economies. The impact of these programs is felt for generations.

Source: Learn More Photo: WFP/Roger Arnold

School Meals

Children from vulnerable families are often pulled out of school when they are needed to work at home. Last year, WFP made sure 16.4 million children stayed in the classroom and received a warm, nutritious meal. The return on investment is huge: for every $1 dollar invested, $10 dollars is returned in terms of education, health and productivity.

Source: Learn More Photo: WFP/Vilakhone Sipaseuth

Women & Children

Last year, WFP reached 9.7 million children and 6.1 million women with programs to prevent and treat malnutrition. In fact, women and girls make up 52% of all beneficiaries. These programs reduce gender disparities, improve women's health and ensure children will make it to their second birthday free from the ravages of hunger.

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Your Help Changes Lives. Here's How.

Square photograph of Nyathak Detailed photograph of Nyathak
Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua


13-year-old Nyathak Kuek is one of the millions of people in South Sudan who count on WFP to deliver food during the dry season. Here, she gleefully carries home fish she just bought at the local market.

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Detailed photograph of Maysa & Nada
Photo: WFP/Hussam Al Saleh

Maysa & Nada

Maysa holds her 3-month-old baby sister Nada in a makeshift shelter in Syria. WFP is serving 4.8 million people inside Syria and another 2.5 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

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Detailed photograph of Ester
Photo: Gabriela Vivacqua


Ester Oliver receives specialized nutrition support from WFP for herself and her two-week old set of triplets. “Now I am happy,” she says. “I have a second chance.”

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WFP turns dollars into dreams

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can change someone’s life. Now that’s what we call impact.


It may not seem like much, but because WFP is highly efficient, it can deliver a nutritious meal for just 50¢.


Education can break the cycle of poverty and hunger. $50 a month can provide a child with school meals all year.


$75 can feed a family of five for an entire month. That’s 30 days of lifesaving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


$160 can provide a silo to a farmer that holds enough food to carry his family through the lean season.

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Stories of Hunger and Hope

Photo: WFP/Saikat Mojumder ‘We Can Now Collect Food With Dignity’

This women's history month, Rohingya women share their stories of feeding their families under the most extreme conditions imaginable. How will history remember them?

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Nicaraguan women explain how they overcame old ways of doing things, where men controlled the family's money and material goods. Now women are farming land, making joint decisions and managing household income.

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Photo: WFP/Georgina Goodwin Women Do 2.6 Times More Domestic Work Than Men. Here's a Look Inside 10 of Their Kitchens.

Imagine cooking a meal without running water, electricity or even a countertop. Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin. And yet, millions of women around the world do it every day. See 10 of their kitchens.

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