Children eat school meals provided by WFP at the Debaya M'Bekira primary school in Debaya M'Bekira, Kaedi, Mauritania.
WFP/Agron Dragaj

Engaging Your Employees

A Fresh Take on Workplace Giving


WFP USA understands the importance of being guided by a greater mission. Employee engagement enhances job satisfaction, loyalty and dedication toward your organization’s goals. It supports individual performance and drives business outcomes. Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average three-year revenue growth 2.3 times greater than those whose employees showed average engagement, according to a report by the University of North Carolina.

Double your Impact

Did you know that many companies will double or even triple your tax-deductible donation? Some even match gifts made by their employees’ spouses or by retirees. See if your company has a matching gift program:

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WFP/Agron Dragaj
At School Number 4 in the Mbera camp in Mauritania, a young girl receives a warm meal under WFP’s school meals program.


In 2015, millennials became the largest generation represented in the U.S. workforce. That number is only expected to increase as more boomers retire and more new graduates start their careers. Cone Communications executed a Millennial Employee Engagement study in April 2016 to explore millenials’ sense of wanting to be a part of something bigger than just a job.

According to their research, 64% of millennials won’t work for a company that doesn’t have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility commitment and 75% would even accept a job earning less pay if it were at a responsible company.

Our employee engagement program is designed to help your company build a sense of leadership and awareness around WFP USA’s commitment to reducing global hunger. The WFP USA team will help you achieve your aims by implementing a program tailored to your employees, thus inspiring leadership and generating fresh new ideas while boosting employee morale. Our resources, support and ideas help employees get involved and make a difference for a cause they truly care about.

WFP/Petterik Wiggers
Workers offload bags of sorghum provided by the U.S. at a WFP warehouse in Ethiopia.


Share the Meal app: Companies can match donations, as well as customize and brand a team for their employees to join.

Custom Donation Forms: WFP USA provides tailored donation forms, quickly created during times of disaster. WFP USA can also prepare reports regarding funds raised and coordinate with WFP to ensure availability to an international donation form for global companies.

Webinars: Connect employees with WFP field staff to discuss the impact of your company’s gift and how the agency is working on the ground to eliminate global hunger in innovative ways.

Communications Plan: WFP USA will provide both internal and external materials personalized for your company’s campaign and messaging.

Federal Matching Gifts: WFP USA participates in the Combined Federal Campaign under the organization name Feeding Families Worldwide (CFC No. 10804), which supports philanthropy through cost-efficient, effective opportunities for all federal employees.


Walking Around the World with JP Morgan
During an eight-week challenge earlier this year, JPMorgan Chase encouraged its employees to participate in a virtual walk to nine of the company’s global locations, from New York City to Sydney, Australia. During the campaign, participants logged 28 billion steps and walked more than 14 million miles. Through their efforts, JPMorgan Chase donated 1.6 million meals to WFP USA to feed the hungry, and at the same time, promote health and well-being among their employees.

Solving the Hunger Puzzle with UPS
To coincide with the release of their Corporate Sustainability Report, UPS let readers take a quiz on sustainability that would build a custom avatar for use on social media. The “Solve-atar” let employees personalize and share the look of their avatar to show how sustainability matters to them. For every avatar that was created, the company donated a dollar to WFP USA, reaching the fundraising goal of $25,000.

Feeding Students with Videojet
To promote employee participation in an office satisfaction survey, VideoJet challenged their globally located employees to meet a 99% completion rate to trigger a donation to the WFP USA. By supporting the Homegrown School Meals program, VideoJet and their employees were able to provide 40,000 meals to those in need around the world.