12-Year-Old WFP USA Donor Wins NBC Competition

Education Faces of Hope
Stephanie Tannenbaum

Proclaiming that one kid can make a big difference in the world, Harrison Tannenbaum and his mother Stephanie were named grand prize winners of NBC News’ Goal to Be Greater contest.

If you’re looking for a good news story, this is it. And prepare yourself, the stars of this story are 11- and 12-year-olds from Florida.

Harrison Tannenbaum.
Stephanie Tannenbaum
Harrison Tannenbaum.

On Monday, WFP USA donor Harrison Tannenbaum and his mother Stephanie found out they had won the Goal to be Greater competition, a feel-good crowdsourcing campaign of NBC News’ Education Nation and sponsor Pearson.

They invited people to make a video, post a photo, or write about how they pledge to make a difference in their community and think about the greater good.

Harrison and Stephanie worked with Harrison’s best friends to submit their Goal to be Greater video around a powerful theme: Repairing the world, one kid at a time.

“It hurts inside to know people are hungry around the world,” Harrison said. “I think I can make a difference because I can encourage other kids and families to donate and give back.”

As part of the competition, Harrison was given $5,000 to donate to his charity of choice – World Food Program USA. The money will go to provide 20,000 school meals to children in need.

Watch the video and read more about Harrison’s big win!