Hacking Hunger Episode #23: On the Brink in Mozambique (Part 1)

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Climate Change Emergency Response Mozambique Hacking Hunger
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Podcast Summary

A year ago Mozambique was on the brink of disaster. Successive droughts meant the country’s farmers had almost nothing to harvest—or feed their families. In the first in a two-part series, WFP USA's M.J. Altman takes you to the country’s urban streets and rural farms, introducing you to five Mozambicans who recount how their lives intertwined with a historic humanitarian crisis that left the U.N. World Food Programme with no choice but to sound the alarm.

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Guest Bio: Milton Machel

Milton Machel is a Communications Officer with the U.N. World Food Programme. Milton is a former journalist who grew up in Maputo City, the capital of Mozambique.

Guest Bio: Ivone Francisco Timane

Ivone Francisco Timane is a farmer in the rural area of Magude. She has lived in her community for all of her life and witnessed firsthand the impact of a historic drought sweeping Central and Southern Mozambique last year.

Guest Bio: Linda Paulo Mondlane

Linda Paulo Mondlane is a 5th grade teacher at the Chinhancane Primary School in Massingir. She moved to the area when she was six years old and has taught at the school for the last eight years.

Guest Bio: Fulgencia Alexandre Chongo

Fulgencia Alexandre Chongo is a 12-year old student at the Chinchancane Primary School.

Guest Bio: Jeremias Manuel Ngughoa

Jeremias Manuel Ngughoa is a cobbler in the rural area of Chokwe.