Nepal: How High-Energy Biscuits Help in Emergency Situations

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In the first days of an emergency like Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal, the World Food Programme sends in high-energy biscuits to help families survive.

These wheat-based biscuits are fortified in vitamins and minerals, easy to distribute and a quick solution to improving nutrition, particularly when there is little access to cooking facilities.

Bettina Luescher, WFP’s Chief Spokesperson in the U.S., spoke on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports today about WFP’s work in Nepal right now, including the provision of high-energy biscuits:

“These are things that keep you alive in a disaster. When people don’t have homes anymore, are scared to go inside, they can’t cook anymore, we’re bringing in these high-energy biscuits. 450 calories, a couple of these biscuits, and you’re set for the day.”

Having supplies like these at the ready is incredibly important in responding to any emergency situation, and that’s why WFP was prepared to handle this one.

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