President and Chief Executive Officer

September 6, 2019

Position Summary

WFP USA’s CEO is the chief philanthropic officer for the World Food Programme in the US, promoting awareness of WFP’s work and cultivating champions and donor stewards of WFP’s work to end global hunger. The CEO is the key relationship manager with the UN World Food Programme, representing WFP in the United States, and serves as the key team leader of WFP USA reporting to the organization’s Board of Directors. The CEO will also work closely with WFP to ensure that policy makers and other stakeholders understand the critical work of WFP.

The CEO is WFP USA’s lead strategist and ambassador. Externally, the CEO must both be comfortable and effective in Washington, able to navigate and leverage the ecosystem to garner bipartisan support for policies and appropriations that further WFP’s lifesaving mission. Likewise, the CEO must be visible and compelling to non-governmental entities across the country—corporations, individuals and other entities—to nurture and steward financial support. The CEO must be a compelling and inspiring advocate for the largest feeding program in the world that is saving lives every day, with the ability to inspire the empathy and urgency the issue requires. Finally, the CEO must be savvy about how to build strategic partnerships with complex corporate entities.

Reports to: WFP USA Board of Directors

Direct Reports:

  • Vice President, Policy
  • Chief of Staff
  • Vice President, Development
  • Vice President, Marketing and Communications


  1. Champion the Mission: Be active and visible in the community by working closely with other professional, civic, and private organizations in order to enhance the visibility of World Food Programme. Be a tireless advocate for serving those most in need, bringing attention to the dire situations of those that World Food Programme supports, calling others to action.
  2. Strategy and Vision: Engage the organization’s Board and staff in the development of the strategy, vision and specific goals for the future that support the mission and fundraising objectives of WFP USA. Provide the direction, inspiration and motivation necessary to ensure the organization’s success and its meaningful support of the WFP.
  3. World Food Programme Partnership: Maintain positive relationships with World Food Programme partners to ensure the organization is in sync with the agency.
  4. Fundraising: Serve as the WFP USA’s lead fundraiser, cultivating and maintaining key relationships with donors and supporters of the global fight to end hunger, building strong networks and securing financial support from individuals, corporations, institutions and government. Initiate, structure and steward partnerships with corporate entities that can bring large-scale impact to WFP USA’s private sector support.
  5. Policy Advocacy: Working in coordination the WFP Washington DC representatives, advocate for legislative and executive branch policies and appropriations that support WFP and the fulfilment of its mission.
  6. Marketing and Branding: Develop robust and effective campaign and marketing strategies, expanding WFP USA’s reputation to a wider range of constituents, stakeholders and potential donors. Create a higher profile in American society.
  7. Board Engagement: Report to and work closely with the Board to seek their involvement in policy, fundraising, and efforts to increase the overall visibility of the organization.
  8. Team Leadership: Identify, cultivate, develop and inspire staff and facilitate the promotion and movement of talent across the organization. Recruit and retain a lean and effective team and ensure the appropriate organizational structure and accountability standards.
  9. Operations: Manage budget and resources and work effectively with the staff of the WFP USA to ensure that the strategy and plans are delivered.

Experience & Expertise

  1. A strong track record of organizational leadership in a business or non-profit environment.
  2. Either a deep network in and connectivity to the Washington, humanitarian and/or anti-hunger communities or deep transferable foundation or non-profit experience in another market. A strong nationwide network or ability to quickly learn the space.
  3. A track record of demonstrated success in fund development, major/principal gifts, grants, foundation fundraising, annual giving, estate planning and/or corporate fundraising.
  4. Experience reporting to, working with, and managing a highly-engaged and sophisticated Board of Directors. Board development experience and knowledge are also desired.
  5. Ability to interact successfully with sophisticated donors and other community stakeholders as a representative of a complex organization.
  6. Sensitivity to working in Washington within the Capitol Hill or Executive Branch environments, with a demonstrated ability to develop strong support for the organization’s mission and life-saving work.
  7. Proven success in creating an energizing and positive work environment and aligning individual goals with overall objectives. Effective performance management and leadership of teams and developing and mentoring talent.
  8. Finely honed business and financial acumen with outstanding experience in developing and managing an organization’s budget and the overall financial health of the organization.


  1. A mission-driven and humble leader with an inherent passion to serve others; empathetic advocate of care for the most vulnerable.
  2. Confident and persuasive with strong influencing skills. Proven collaborator and consensus builder with relationship development skills across boundaries.
  3. Bold thinker with an appetite for imagination and innovation; able to lean into creative strategies for fund development and revenue generation in the 21st century, particularly leveraging technology in these efforts.
  4. A transparent leader who operates with the highest level of integrity and ethics, instilling a strong sense of accountability within employees.
  5. Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills and the ability to interface effectively with senior executives, staff, volunteers, donor
  6. Adept at building strong, trust-based relationships with diverse constituents. Ability to interpret the needs of the different stakeholders, including Board members, donors, and colleagues.

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