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WFP USA is a thought leader in the area of global food security and international food assistance.

These are just some of the resources that help us accomplish our policy and advocacy goals, and help ensure our commitment to producing data-driven, fact-based resources for Congress, the humanitarian and development community and beyond.


Congressional Research Service

[2018] U.S. International Food Assistance: An Overview

[2018] Foreign Aid: An Introduction to US Programs and Policy

[2018] The Marshall Plan: Design, Accomplishments and Significance

[2018] Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs: FY2018 Budget and Appropriations

[2018] Farm Bill Programs without a Budget Baseline beyond FY2018

[2018] U.S. Farm Commodity Support: An Overview of Selected Programs

[2016] The Obama Administration’s Feed the Future Initiative

[2015] United Nations Reform: Background and Issues for Congress

[2015] U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID): Background, Operations, and Issues

[2011] The Obama Administration’s Feed the Future Initiative

[2010] Multilateral Development Banks: U.S. Contributions FY1998-FY2009

[2009] The U.S. Global Food Security Initiative: Issues for Congress

[2008] Rising Food Prices and Global Food Needs: The U.S. Response

[2003] The Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust: Background and Current Issues

Foreign Assistance:

[2018] Yemen: Civil War and Regional Intervention

[2018] The War in Yemen: A Compilation of Legislation in the 115th Congress

[2018] Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and US Response

[2016] International Crises and Disasters: U.S. Humanitarian Assistance Response Mechanisms

[2016] Does Foreign Aid Work? Efforts to Evaluate U.S. Foreign Assistance

[2016] Millennium Challenge Corporation

[2016] Foreign Aid: An Introduction to U.S. Programs and Policy

[2016] U.S. International Food Aid Programs: Background and Issues

[2015] Department of State and Foreign Operations Appropriations: A Fact Sheet on Legislation, FY1995-FY2015

[2013] International Food Aid: U.S. and Other Donor Contributions

[2013] Foreign Aid: International Donor Coordination of Development Assistance

[2011] Africa: U.S. Foreign Assistance Issues

[2011] U.S. Global Food Security Funding, FY2010-FY2012

[2011] Foreign Operations Appropriations: General Provisions

[2010] Local and Regional Procurement for U.S. International Emergency Food Aid

[2010] Foreign Assistance Act of 1961: Authorizations and Corresponding Appropriations

[2009] Foreign Aid Reform, National Strategy, and the Quadrennial Review

[2009] Agricultural Export and Food Aid Programs

[2009] Foreign Aid Reform: Agency Coordination

[2009] Foreign Aid Reform: Studies and Recommendations

[2008] International Food Aid Provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill

[2008] International Crises and Disasters, U.S. Humanitarian Assistance, Budget Trends, and Issues for Congress

[2008] Foreign Aid Reform: Issues for Congress and Policy Options

[2007] Restructuring U.S. Foreign Aid: The Role of the Director of Foreign Assistance in Transformational Development

[2005] International Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance: U.S. Governmental Response

[2005] Foreign Aid: An Introductory Overview of U.S. Programs and Policy

[2005] Foreign Aid: Understanding Data Used to Compare Donors

Government Accountability Office

Government Accountability Office

[2017] Cargo Preference Increased Food Aid Shipping Cost; Benefits Remain Unclear

[2017] Agencies Should Ensure Timely Documentation of Required Market Analyses and Assess Local Markets for Program Effects

[2017] USAID Has Controls for Implementation and Support Costs but Should Strengthen Financial Oversight

[2017] Foreign Assistance – Agencies Can Improve the Quality and Dissemination of Program Evaluations

[2016] USAID Has Established Processes to Monitor Cash and Voucher Projects, but Data Limitations Impede Evaluation

[2016] Syria Humanitarian Assistance: Implementing Partners Have Assessed Some Risks of Providing Aid inside Syria, but U.S. Agencies Could Improve Fraud Oversight

[2016] Actions Needed to Improve Transparency and Quality of Data on

[2016] U.S. Agency for International Development—Nonemergency Food Assistance

[2015] USAID Should Systematically Assess the Effectiveness of Key Conditional Food Aid Activities

[2015] Cargo Preference Increases Food Aid Shipping Costs, and Benefits Are Unclear

[2014] Prepositioning Speeds Delivery of Emergency Aid, but Additional Monitoring of Time Frames and Costs Is Needed

[2014] Better Agency Collaboration Needed to Assess and Improve Emergency Food Aid Procurement System

[2013] USAID Is Improving Coordination but Needs to Require Systematic Assessments of Country-Level Risks

[2013] U.S. Assistance to Yemen: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Emergency Food Aid and Assess Security Assistance

[2012] International Food Assistance: U.S. Nonemergency Food Aid Programs Have Similar Objectives but Some Planning Helps Limit Overlap

[2012] Improved Targeting Would Help Enable USAID to Reach Vulnerable Groups

[2012] Stronger Controls Needed in High-Risk Areas

[2011] Funding Development Projects through the Purchase, Shipment, and Sale of U.S. Commodities Is Inefficient and Can Cause Adverse Market Impacts

[2011] USDA’s Oversight of the McGovern-Dole Food for Education Program Needs Improvement

[2011] Better Nutrition and Quality Control Can Further Improve U.S. Food Aid

[2010] Progress toward a U.S. Governmentwide Strategy Is Under Way, but Approach Has Several Vulnerabilities

[2009] A U.S. Governmentwide Strategy Could Accelerate Progress toward Global Food Security

[2009] USAID Is Taking Actions to Improve Monitoring and Evaluation of Nonemergency Food Aid, but Weaknesses in Planning Could Impede Efforts

[2009] Local and Regional Procurement Provides Opportunities to Enhance U.S. Food Aid, but Challenges May Constrain Its Implementation


2014 Farm Bill

2014 Farm Bill [See Section 3001]

Joint Statement of Managers

Food for Peace Act [As amended by 2014 Farm Bill]

2008 Farm Bill

2008 Farm Bill [See Section 3001]

Joint Statement of Managers

Food for Peace Act [As amended by 2008 Farm Bill]

Archived Farm Bills:

2002, 1996, 1990, 1985, 1981, 1977, 1973, 1970, 1965


Agriculture and Related Agencies, In Brief:

FY2018, FY2017, FY2016, FY2015, FY2014/3 (Post Sequestration), FY2013, FY2012, FY2011, FY2010, FY2009, FY2008, FY2007, FY2006, FY2005, FY2004, FY2003, FY2002, FY2001, FY2000

Global Food Security Act (GFSA)


Global Food Security Strategy, 2017-2021

Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA)

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008/7, 2006, 2005/4, 2003, 2000

Social Safety Nets

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