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Humanitarian Services & Logistics

WFP does whatever it takes to reach the world’s most vulnerable people – even in the most dire situations and isolated regions of the world.

As head of the U.N. Logistics Cluster, WFP oversees the delivery of all supplies and staff for the entire aid community during times of crisis—an enormous challenge that requires tremendous logistics expertise. As the world’s first responder, WFP employs the most effective tools to reach the most vulnerable—whether that be a convoy of trucks, a chartered fleet of ships or even a caravan of elephants to transport food and supplies across the planet’s toughest terrain.

5,000 trucks

At any given time, there are 5,000 trucks delivering WFP food assistance across the planet.

92 aircraft

At any given time, there are 92 aircraft delivering WFP food assistance across the planet.

20 ships

At any given time, there are 20 ships delivering WFP food assistance across the planet.

In addition, WFP oversees a global network of Humanitarian Response Depots that allows the agency to dispatch emergency supplies anywhere in the world within 24 to 48 hours, and operates the U.N. Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), which delivers safe, reliable, cost-efficient and effective common air services to the entire humanitarian community.

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