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Fighting Famine

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For the first time in modern history, famine looms in four countries:

Nigeria | Somalia | South Sudan | Yemen

Right now 20 million people are facing the risk of starvation.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has launched emergency operations to deliver food assistance and needs your support.

What Is Famine?

Famine means that people are already dying of hunger. Specifically, it occurs when:

  • 20 percent of the population experiences extreme food shortages;
  • The acute malnutrition rate for children exceeds 30 percent; and
  • The death rate has doubled, or two per 10,000 people are dying every day.

There are multiple conditions that could lead to famine, including:

  • A production shock due to extreme climate change or the disruption of agriculture caused by violence;
  • An economic shock when prices are too high or markets have been crippled by conflict; and
  • An inability to respond when there is a lack of resources or impeded access to communities in need.

How Is WFP Responding?

As the leading agency fighting hunger worldwide, WFP not only has an active presence in 80 countries across the globe, the agency also boasts decades of logistics, monitoring and assessment expertise.

WFP is providing air transport for the entire humanitarian community, helping to deliver not only food but also medicine, vaccines, and ready-to-use specialized nutritious supplements in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the U.N. agency leads the U.N. Logistics Cluster and is the only U.N. agency with its own shipping unit—both of which allow for the crucial and challenging logistical work needed during times of crisis.

WFP delivered lifesaving food and nutrition assistance in October 2017 to more than 13 million people in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and northeast Nigeria.

This outreach included food distributions, vouchers where food is available, specialized nutritious food for malnourished children, as well as rapid response plans to reach people in hard-to-reach areas.

These efforts form part of an integrated famine prevention and response operation with partners including UNICEF and FAO, addressing food security and nutrition challenges as well as health, water, sanitation and hygiene interventions.

The Countries Fighting Famine

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South Sudan

5.1 million

people need food assistance


severely malnourished children



After famine was declared in February, aid agencies responded to contain the crisis. Yet widespread displacement and hunger still threaten millions. One of WFP’s toughest working environments.
Learn more about South Sudan.

Stop People From Dying of Hunger

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