A boy holds up a handful of leafy greens.
WFP/Daniel Johnson

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You Can Save Lives

As we face an unprecedented number of emergencies worldwide, the World Food Programme (WFP) is needed — now more than ever — to deliver lifesaving food to families in need.

You can use your creativity and passion to take an active role in the fight against hunger by creating your own fundraiser. Engage your family, friends and local community today. Together we can save lives and feed dreams.

Aisha in her black hijab feeds Wafaa water out of a tin can, her husband Fadl sits behind them
WFP/Reem Nada

Fundraise for Yemen

Help provide food to the millions of families on the brink of famine in conflict-ridden Yemen.

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Join the "Silent Guest" Campaign

By joining the "Silent Guest" campaign, you can help combat hunger in conflict-ridden South Sudan.

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Fundraising Ideas

Donate Your Birthday

Your birthday is a special day. Asking your family and friends join you in support of fighting hunger will make it all the more meaningful.

Fundraise for Your Run

Make your training and racing more impactful by supporting families facing hunger across the globe.

Host an Event

Use your creativity to build awareness in your local community about global hunger. Together, you can feed families all around the world.

How to Get Started

Follow our steps to start your fundraiser.

Use Our Toolkit

Access ideas, photos and videos to help you achieve your fundraising goal!

Get Creative

When you create a fundraiser, you can deliver hope to the most vulnerable children, families and communities.

“In a world of plenty, it is unfortunate that there are so many people living in poverty who cannot afford to feed their families.”

— Martha B., Colorado

If you have any questions or would like to speak to our staff please feel free to contact us at 202-627-3939 or email at fundraise@wfpusa.org.