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The Worst Kind of Anniversary for South Sudan

It’s been almost two years to the day since famine was declared in South Sudan. This grim anniversary is a reminder of everything the country has been through already and…

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60 Percent of the World’s Hungry Live in Just 8 Countries. Why?

The number one cause of hunger around the world is clear. WFP assists 91.4 million people across 83 countries each year. Of these, 56 million of them are concentrated in…

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8 Facts to Know About Food Waste and Hunger

Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. Right now, the world produces enough food to nourish every man, woman and child on the planet. But nearly one-third of all food produced each…

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A Year of Saving and Changing Lives

A look at what 2018 meant for the World Food Programme (WFP) and the millions of people it serves.

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How the U.S. Farm Bill Reaches Far Beyond U.S. Farms

The U.S. has a long legacy of showing its commitment to ending global hunger. The latest Farm Bill—which passed both chambers of Congress in December 2018—is one such commitment. Because…

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A Life-Changing Message From Mom

"You Are The Future"

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How Did Korea Go From Receiving WFP’s Help to Becoming One of Its Top 20 Donors?

Six key areas lie at heart of country’s dramatic transformation to Zero Hunger

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Tackling hunger at home and abroad because our food policy is our foreign policy

For the first time in a decade, the number of hungry people on the planet is on the rise. The United Nations estimates the number of food-insecure people at 815 million in…

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Harvesting Hope: How Cargill Is Helping Farmers and Students in Indonesia

The U.S. agriculture giant is joining forces with World Food Program USA to support homegrown school meals.

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How Innovation Is Transforming The Way Refugees Grow Food

A changing climate. Raging wars. New challenges. In order to create a future of Zero Hunger, the World Food Programme must constantly adapt. That’s why the world’s leading humanitarian agency solving…

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