60 Percent of the World’s Hungry Live in Just 8 Countries. Why?

The number one cause of hunger around the world is clear. WFP assists 91.4 million people across 83 countries each year. Of these, 56 million of them are concentrated in…

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A Syrian refugee who needs food aid
WFP/Edward Johnson

Report: Hunger On The Rise—Again

For a third straight year, the number of hungry people worldwide has risen.

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WFP/Peter Smerdon

Drought Deepens Hunger in Ethiopia

As the country braces for another year of meager rainfall, farmers search for food as hundreds of thousands of people from neighboring countries seek refuge from conflict within its borders.

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WFP/Bilal Stanikzai

Rebuilding Infrastructure and Livelihoods in Rural Afghanistan

In the face of immense challenges, some rural communities in Afghanistan are building their own resilience to natural disasters. Supporting other communities to do the same will transform the lives…

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WFP/Guido Dingemans

The Final Delivery

When Jeremias Ngwenya opened his eyes one morning last March in Mozambique, he remembers exactly how he felt. He rested upon a soft, white mattress with a faded blue flower…

Ash Kosiewicz

WFP/Guido Dingemans

Hacking Hunger Episode #23: On the Brink in Mozambique (Part 1)

Guest Bio: Milton Machel Milton Machel is a Communications Officer with the U.N. World Food Programme. Milton is a former journalist who grew up in Maputo City, the capital of…

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Pieces of unused grain are sifted through the metal netting of a mechanical sifter
WFP/Mackenzie Rollins

9 Takeaways From The New U.N. Report Showing Hunger On the Rise

This year's State of Food Insecurity report shows an alarming reversal in the world's progress against hunger.

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WFP USA/Ash Kosiewicz

How Do You Stop a Slow-Motion Disaster?

A behind-the-scenes look at how one coastal country is emerging out of crisis and confronting a future of climate change

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Two women wash vegetables in the community garden with a watering can
WFP USA/Charles Fromm

Why Earth Day Is My Chance to Reconnect With Food

I remember as a kid making posters for Earth Day in my elementary school class. My classmates and I would sketch sad-faced anthropomorphic Earths, complete with Mr. Potato head-style arms…

Chase Sova

WFP/Kabir Dhanji

As Drought Intensifies, Hunger Targets Mothers and Children in Somalia

As drought spreads across Somalia, food security and nutrition are deteriorating rapidly, especially for mothers and young children. Now is a critical window for World Food Programme (WFP) and other…

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