South Sudan: Winning the Final Stretch

With the rainy season set to end later this month, the World Food Programme (WFP) is doing whatever it takes to maximize its lifesaving impact.

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WFP/Fares Khoailed

Hunger and Hope in Yemen

In July 2018, a World Food Programme (WFP) communications team found their way inside Yemen to document the hunger crisis in areas that rarely see the light of day. They captured photos…

A WFP Ilyushin 76 releases food assistance over a drop zone in Ganyiel, Unity State.
WFP/George Fominyen

A Day In The Life: Supporting Airdrops in South Sudan

Learn how WFP is delivering hope to families facing famine—and how one foundation of aviation experts is helping make this work possible

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a woman stands outside her home with her family

When Refugees Arrive, WFP is There

In Bangladesh, saving lives means making sure that every Rohingya refugee has the food they need to survive.

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WFP/Saikat Mojumder

Protecting Rohingya Refugees, Come Rain or High Water

World Food Programme (WFP) engineers are in a race against time to create safe land in the world’s largest refugee camp where the most vulnerable will be relocated before the…

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WFP/Charlie Musoka

Pushing the Boundaries in South Sudan

By air, by river, by road. The race to stop looming famine means the World Food Programme (WFP) is leaving no stone unturned to gain access to people in need.

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Humanitarian logistics officer Diko Amariah in her office in Rumbek, South Sudan.

Hacking Hunger Episode #27: The Logistics of Hope

Guest Bio: Diko Amariah Diko Amariah works for the Logistics Cluster, a coalition of international aid agencies led by the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) that coordinates the transportation of…

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truck comes down a rainy path
WFP/Shelley Thakral

Monsoon Season Threatens the Rohingya

The rain has started to fall where nearly 700,000 refugees have sought safety since last August. What happens now?

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WFP/South Sudan Twitter

Circumventing the Threat of Rain in South Sudan

With the rainy season set to start next month, WFP is moving mountains to pre-position lifesaving food for people in need.

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A UN humanitarian convoy carrying food and medicine reaches Eastern Ghouta in November 2017.
WFP/Hussam Al Saleh

Ready for Anything: Responding to Chaos in Syria

As news reports highlight the deteriorating situation in Eastern Ghouta, the World Food Programme (WFP) is using every tool in its toolbox to deliver food to people trapped by conflict.

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