Time Is Running out for Afghan Families as Their Country Becomes the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis

Over the last four months, Afghanistan has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Jane Ferguson gives a heartbreaking account of her recent visit to Kabul.

15 Million Afghans Receive WFP Food Assistance so Far in 2021

WFP is rapidly ramping up humanitarian operations in Afghanistan to assist more than 23 million people facing severe hunger in the country in 2022.

“The World Cannot Turn Its Back as the Afghan People Starve.” WFP in a Race Against Time to Stave off Catastrophe

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is in a “race against time” to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan. This winter, over half the population face severe hunger as temperatures plummet below zero.

“Things Were Already Desperate”: Afghanistan Set to Become the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Afghanistan is becoming the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with needs surpassing those in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, according to figures released this week. 

Half of Afghanistan’s Population Face Acute Hunger as Humanitarian Needs Grow to Record Levels

Afghanistan is now among the world’s worst humanitarian crises - if not the worst - and food security has all but collapsed. This winter, millions of Afghans will be forced to choose between migration and starvation unless assistance is increased.

Half of Afghanistan’s Children Under 5 Expected to Suffer From Acute Malnutrition as Hunger Takes Root for Millions

Without reliable access to water, food and basic health and nutrition services, Afghan children and their families are bearing the brunt of years of conflict and the current economic crisis.

Educated Urban Afghans Are New Face of Hunger as Jobs and Incomes Dry Up

Job losses, lack of cash and soaring prices are creating a new class of hungry in Afghanistan, WFP has warned today.

First Humanitarian Flight to Kabul Since Taliban Takeover Marks Turning Point in Crisis

UNHAS has resumed flights to Kabul, enabling humanitarian responders and much-needed relief items to reach desperate Afghans in multiple locations across the country.

Afghanistan: WFP Remains Standing – a Fortress Against Hunger

Just like the Citadel of Herat, the U.N. World Food Programme remains standing — a fortress against hunger. We will stand with the Afghan people, for however long they will need us.

Afghanistan: WFP Continues to Deliver as Winter and Humanitarian Crisis Loom

We have only a few short weeks to secure the necessary funding and get food in place before mountain passes are blocked by snow

Statement from World Food Program USA President and CEO on Afghanistan

Through our commitment to Afghanistan, we will do everything we can to reach vulnerable families in their time of great need.

Afghanistan: WFP Committed to Averting Humanitarian Crisis as One in Three People go Hungry

WFP remains dedicated to maintaining humanity, impartiality, neutrality and operational independence as it seeks to serve the people of Afghanistan.


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