USAID Contributes $12 Million to WFP to Help 95,000 Families in Afghanistan Struck by the Impact of Covid-19

WFP plans to reach a total of 10.3 million Afghan people in 2020, giving $79 to each family to cover their food needs for two months at a time.

Afghans Face Down Hunger As They Suffer From the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Three Afghans share their stories of getting help from WFP. They're the reason funding is needed to survive the pandemic.

World Food Programme Forecasts Global Hunger Hotspots as New Decade Dawns

The sheer scale and complexity of the challenges in Africa and other regions will stretch the resources and capacity of WFP and other agencies to the limit.

Women are Hungrier – Afghanistan

A woman gathers firewood at a makeshift camp for displaced people in Kabul, Afghanistan. The camp has very little clean water, lacks adequate sanitation facilities, and offers limited protection from the harsh weather. In every corner of the world, women are more likely than men to live in extreme poverty like this. Globally, women do 2.6 times more domestic work than men and earn 23 percent less for paid work.

Flying Towards Gender Equality

In Afghanistan, the UN Humanitarian Air Service is launching a new initiative to get more female Afghan humanitarians into the skies and the field.

60 Percent of the World’s Hungry Live in Just 8 Countries. Why?

According to two new reports , the reason is clear: Man-made conflict is the #1 driver of hunger on the planet.

Truck Delivery in Afghanistan

Rebuilding Infrastructure and Livelihoods in Rural Afghanistan

In the face of immense challenges, some rural communities in Afghanistan are building their own resilience to natural disasters. Supporting other communities to do the same will transform the lives of millions who currently depend on assistance to survive floods and droughts.


Q&A: A Day In The Life Of A Tally Assistant

Asia Bahar works as a Tally Assistant for WFP's office in Aghanistan. Below, she explains what her job involves and why logistics expertise is so crucial to WFP's mission.

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urgent Yemen update

COVID-19 threatens to push 1.2M more desperate Yemenis to starvation if we don’t act now.

2X match in effect. Please give while it lasts.

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