Hunger Could Double in East Africa and the Horn in Months as Coronavirus Spreads

The socio-economic impact of coronavirus in East Africa and the Horn could kill more people than the pandemic itself.

In Burundi, What Do Farmers and Food Waste Have in Common?

90 percent of Burundi's population is entirely dependent on agriculture, yet the country doesn't produce nearly enough food to feed everyone. Cutting food loss can help.

“I Thought You Needed a Lot of Money to Eat Well. I Was Wrong.”

90% of the Burundian population depends on agriculture for their survival. Their daily diet —for both children and adults — consists mainly of cassava leaves and Irish potatoes.

School Meals in Burundi

Milk Distribution in Burundi

10 Facts About Conflict & Hunger in Burundi

Here are 10 facts about Burundi and hunger to help you better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the nation.

A Year of Saving and Changing Lives

A look at what 2018 meant for the World Food Programme (WFP) and the millions of people it serves.


Burundi faces some of the most significant food security and nutrition challenges on the planet, like extreme poverty, gender inequality and political instability. These factors make Burundi the 9th worst food security crisis in the world.

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