Severe Hunger Tightens Grip on Northern Ethiopia

A new food security assessment released by WFP shows that almost 40 percent of Tigrayans are suffering an extreme lack of food, after 15 months of conflict.

No Food, No Fuel, No Funding: WFP’s Northern Ethiopia Operations Grinding to a Halt

WFFP today warned that its lifesaving food assistance operations in northern Ethiopia are about to grind to a halt because intense fighting has blocked the passage of fuel and food.

Top 5 Goals We Reached in Ethiopia With the Support of The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s ambassadorship and advocacy has helped shed a global spotlight on the rising tide of global hunger and send relief to countries affected by conflict, like his parents’ home of Ethiopia.

Millions More in Need of Food Assistance as a Direct Result of Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

The number of people in need of humanitarian food assistance across northern Ethiopia has grown to an estimated 9.4 million as a direct result of ongoing conflict.

WFP Completes First Round of Food Distributions in Afar and Amhara; Still Lacks Necessary Supplies to Reach Targeted Populations in Tigray

WFP has completed its first round of food distributions to people affected by conflict in the Afar and Amhara regions.

WFP Expands Emergency Response as up to 7 Million People Face Hunger Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

Time is running out for millions across Northern Ethiopia. This momentum must be sustained to save millions from falling deeper into hunger.

WFP Delivers Food to Another 1 Million People in Tigray, but Is Only Reaching Half of Those It Should Be

WFP delivered food to over a million people in the northwest and parts of southern Tigray in June and July under the second round of distributions, despite numerous challenges.

WFP Sends First Humanitarian Passenger Flight Into Tigray

The first United Nations Humanitarian Air Service passenger flight, which is managed by WFP, has touched down at Tigray’s Alula Aba Nega International Airport in Mekelle today.

WFP Convoy Reaches Tigray, Many More Are Vital to Meet Growing Needs

A WFP convoy of 50 trucks arrived in the Tigrayan capital of Mekelle today with 900 metric tons of food as well as other emergency supplies.

WFP Resumes Operations to Reach 2 Million People With Emergency Food Assistance in Tigray

WFP has resumed its operations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia after fighting halted the emergency response last week.

UN Agencies Concerned by Looming Famine in Northern Ethiopia, Call for Urgent Life-Saving Action to Avert It

According to new data, over 350,000 people are facing catastrophic hunger in Tigray region. This is the highest number of people classified in "Catastrophe" level of hunger in a single country in the last decade.

WFP Executive Director: Immediate Access for Lifesaving Food Deliveries in Tigray is Critical

Alarming new data has today confirmed the magnitude of the hunger emergency gripping Tigray, where at least 4 million people face severe hunger and 350,000 of them are facing famine.


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