Climate Change & Hunger: Stories From 6 African Countries

Extreme weather events are rapidly increasing hunger and malnourishment. From hurricanes and flooding to droughts and desertification, these six stories portray the very real, very human impacts of a warming world.

Why Do Floods Follow Droughts? Look to Ethiopia.

Imagine waking up to a wave of water running across your floor and hearing your six children cry out in fear. This is what happened to Agan in Ethiopia when floods washed away everything she had.

Food Distribution in Ethiopia

“When You’re as Hungry as I Was, You Think of Dying.”

This month, we’re celebrating some of the people from across the globe who have overcome hunger. Here are seven of their stories.

Drought Is Driving Ethiopians Further Into Hunger

As Ethiopia braces for another year of meager rainfall, farmers search for food as hundreds of thousands of people from neighboring countries seek refuge from conflict within its borders.

Championing Women and Girls Around the World

On International Women’s Day, World Food Program USA is proud to announce our recipients of the Spring 2018 Catherine Bertini Trust Fund awards—Starfish and the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction.

Crisis Zone Food Cuts

There isn't enough food — for refugees, for vulnerable families in conflict zones and for people struggling on the brink of famine.

How We Got to Season 2

Season 1 of Hacking Hunger was an experiment that uncovered moments of joy, heartache and the unexpected. M.J. takes a look back at a few of her favorite interviews from Season 1 and shares what’s in store for Season 2 -- and what you can do to help her find hidden, human stories about food on the front lines of hunger.


Drought, displacement and conflict have taken their toll on Ethiopians. Today, more than 11.5 million people are in need of emergency food assistance.

Hacking Hunger – Episode 4: A Slow-Motion Disaster in Ethiopia

A historic drought is sweeping Ethiopia and more than 10 million people have been pushed into hunger. How will they cope?

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