Shawarmas From Syria: One Refugee Chef’s Story

Chef Majed fled Syria, was a refugee in Jordan and now is a successful chef at Foodhini, an online restaurant exclusively featuring immigrant and refugee chefs.

It’s Tea Time at Mohamad’s House, and the Whole World’s Invited

Meet Mohamad, a tiny tea enthusiast. In 2016, he showed us how important tea is to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

The Women of Syria Are Hungry for Food and Change

It’s been a decade since the conflict in Syria began, and today families are barely hanging on. Meet 10 Syrian women and girls who are doing whatever it takes to survive.

Over 65% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just Ten Countries. Why?

Conflict is a vicious force, and one that's pushed 88 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable. Nearly all of them live in the same places.

WFP Appeals for $600 Million as Hungry Syrians Hang by a Thread After 10 Years of Conflict

The Syrian people need their support more than ever before. WFP is appealing for the funds it needs to provide urgent food assistance to millions of Syrians who are facing the worst humanitarian conditions since the start of the conflict.

Ten Years on, War-Ravaged Syrians Grapple With Their Worst Hunger Crisis Yet

After a decade of upheaval, conflict and displacement, Syrians are facing the worst humanitarian conditions since the start of the crisis. We cannot forget them.

Vital Air Links in Crisis Countries at Risk as Humanitarian Air Service Faces Severe Funding Gap

The critical lifeline transports humanitarian workers and lifesaving cargo to some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach locations

Twelve Million Syrians Now in the Grip of Hunger, Worn Down by Conflict and Soaring Food Prices

An economic crisis, job losses as a result of COVID19 and soaring food prices have added to the plight of Syrians who have been displaced and worn down by a decade of conflict.

How Blockchain Technology Is Helping Refugees Grocery Shop in Conflict Zones

Bassam and his children fled conflict in Syria, landing at a refugee camp in Jordan. He tries hard to shop for ingredients from home to share with his kids. That loving errand has been made much easier with blockchain technology.

Handmade Toys by the World’s Most Resilient Children

It's remarkable what young ones can do with so little - especially when they're living on the front lines of war and hunger.

Nine out of Ten Syrian Refugee Families in Lebanon Are Now Living in Extreme Poverty, UN Study Says

The economic downturn, steep inflation, COVID-19 and the Beirut blast have pushed Syrian refugees in Lebanon to the brink.

How a Simple Cheese Sandwich Added $1.3M to Aleppo’s Economy

November 3rd marks National Sandwich day - a perfect occasion to revisit this hopeful Syrian story about WFP's school meals initiative.

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