Shawarmas From Syria: One Refugee Chef’s Story

Chef Majed fled Syria, was a refugee in Jordan and now is a successful chef at Foodhini, an online restaurant exclusively featuring immigrant and refugee chefs.

WFP Expands Food Assistance in Egypt to Include Refugees From Multiple Countries

Recent results from WFP’s food security analysis show that WFP food assistance has lifted more than one third of targeted refugees above the national income poverty line and has significantly contributed to their food security status.

Women are Hungrier – Salma Salim

Man-made conflict is the #1 driver of hunger in the world. For six years, 45-year-old Salma Salim and her three daughters lived with fear and hunger in the western part of Aleppo. The eastern part of the city has been destroyed by fighting. “I am strong, and I have to continue to be strong for my girls,” says Salma. “Now that I’ve returned home, I hope to rebuild my community.” Today, more than 6.5 million Syrians like Salma don’t know where their next meal is coming from and need food assistance.

One School Meal + 50 Widowed Women = $1.3M for Aleppo

Before WFP’s school feeding project started in this city, local farmers only sold 220 pounds of produce on any given day. Now, they supply traders with 880 pounds of food every day to cover the requirements of the project.

60 Percent of the World’s Hungry Live in Just 8 Countries. Why?

According to two new reports , the reason is clear: Man-made conflict is the #1 driver of hunger on the planet.

Emergency in Syria

Emergency in Syria

Emergency in Syria

Emergency in Syria

Emergency in Syria

School Meals in Syria

10 Facts About The Syrian Refugee Crisis In Jordan

Since the start of the conflict in Syria, Jordan has shouldered the impact of a massive refugee influx across its borders.