Hacking Hunger – Episode 34: Witnessing an Apocalypse

On March 14, 2019, Cyclone Idai slammed into central Mozambique. We spoke with Deborah Nguyen, an aid worker who was one of the first responders to this "apocalyptic" scene.

Record Number of People Facing Critical Lack of Food in South Sudan

Three UN agencies warn that 61% of the population - the highest rate ever - is projected to face crisis levels of food insecurity or worse by the end of July.

Zero Hunger Generation: Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest refugee camp. Nearly one million refugees live there and the World Food Programme is providing lifesaving assistance to 95 percent of them.

Zero Hunger Generation: Humanitarian Aid Workers in the Field

Day in and day out, the World Food Programme's humanitarian aid workers deliver life-saving assistance in physically and emotionally stressful conditions.

Zero Hunger Generation: Disaster Relief

Despite the logistical challenges in a breaking emergency – including ongoing threats of flash floods, landslides and rains – the World Food Programme does whatever it takes to reach people in urgent need.

Ramadan in “the graveyard for the living”

Seven women share their experiences of extreme hardship during Ramadan in war-torn Yemen

Esperance and Oscar Are Refugees in Rwanda

Esperance and her husband Oscar have been living in the Rwanda Mahama refugee camp for over a year. With the surge of violent hostilities in their hometown in Burundi, Oscar and Esperance fled.

School Meals Help Attendance in Sudan

Students attending Marta School in Sudan. World Food Programme school meals help displaced children get an education and look forward to a better future. WFP school meals are a major incentive for families to send their children to school and keep them there.

Ghanem Tests for Malnutrition

Ghanem and his mother wait for a screening, where WFP provides Plumpy Sup' and SuperCereal to treat moderate acute malnutrition. The continued conflict in Yemen is pushing millions of people in Yemen to the brink of famine.

Yemeni Girl

School Meals in Yemen

A young girl finishes her day at school. The World Food Programme sponsors school meals in Yemen.

Conflict is pushing millions of people in Yemen to the brink of famine

The current level of hunger in Yemen is unprecedented and causing severe hardship for millions of people. Now, almost 18 million people in the country are food insecure, meaning they do not have enough food. Of these, more than 8 million are severely food insecure and rely entirely on external assistance. The rate of child malnutrition is one of the highest in the world.