Mustering Hope to Reduce Global Hunger in 2021

WFP never abandons hope. We're applying it in spades to roll back one of the most severe hunger catastrophes in our six decades of existence.

Conflict & COVID-19

A Former Miss USA, New York Times columnist and WFP’s Assistant Executive Director share their accounts of how global hunger is threatening the health and security of billions of people around the world.

U.N. Deeply Concerned by Worsening Crisis and Escalating Violence in Cabo Delgado

Escalating conflict and a deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Cabo Delgado province has left communities stranded and struggling.

WFP Chief Warns UN Security Council of Imminent Famine in Yemen

"We anticipate 80% of the population to immediately start moving into the most extreme forms of hunger. We’re going to have a catastrophe on our hands," said Executive Director David Beasley.

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Southern Madagascar as Drought and Pandemic Double Number of Hungry People

With malnutrition rates spiraling and children forced to beg to help their families eat, urgent action is needed to prevent a crisis.

United Nations Agencies Deliver Lifeline Food Assistance to 25,000 Eritrean Refugees in Tigray

Refugees in the Ethiopian camps depend on WFP food assistance for survival, and maintaining a consistent supply is crucial.

Handmade Toys by the World’s Most Resilient Children

It's remarkable what young ones can do with so little - especially when they're living on the front lines of war and hunger.

UN Agencies’ Alarm at Worsening Hunger in South Sudan

Conflict, floods and COVID-19 are pushing more people into extreme hunger.

Nine out of Ten Syrian Refugee Families in Lebanon Are Now Living in Extreme Poverty, UN Study Says

The economic downturn, steep inflation, COVID-19 and the Beirut blast have pushed Syrian refugees in Lebanon to the brink.

WFP, Lebanese Ministries of Education Provide Food Assistance for Families of Students Attending Public Schools

Our partnership is protecting children and helping families cope with the impact of multiple crises by sending food straight to their homes. 

To Keep People Giving in the Pandemic, Trust in Nonprofits Is Essential

Nonprofits have the tools and experience to heal the world, and expectations are high. We must do everything we can to live up to them.

65% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just Ten Countries. Why?

Conflict is a vicious force, and one that's pushed 77 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable. Nearly all of them live in the same places.

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