Cash Distribution in Madagascar

E-Card in Lebanon

Food Assistance Card in Bangladesh

WFP Programs

From food aid to cash vouchers and school meals, WFP does whatever it takes to feed the world's most vulnerable and hungry people.

The Ripple Effect of Global Instability and the Humanitarian Response

A haunting photo of an emaciated 7-year-old girl, Amal Hussain, pushed Yemen into the spotlight in 2018.

What WFP Delivers: Cash, Vouchers and E-Cards

World Food Programme tailors its food assistance to the specific nutritional needs and conditions of each community and crisis.

Rebuilding a Life in Lebanon

Conflict in Syria forced Hussein's family to flee to Lebanon, where they are rebuilding a life at a refugee camp.

Swipe for Life

WFP provides e-cards for displaced families, allowing them to purchase the kind of food they need with dignity and choice.

Peak Rains in Bangladesh

Halfway through the year, a nonstop effort is underway to protect hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees from the worst of the monsoon season.

When food and music change lives

Mustafa Alsagheer sold his most prized possession to save his daughter’s life. But as health care bills mounted, his family’s livelihood was left hanging in the balance.

When Refugees Rebuild Their Lives, WFP is There

Fleeing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, Yemeni refugees are rebuilding their lives in Djibouti through food and a new sense of independence.

With ShareTheMeal, Invite a Family To The Table

Introducing The Table, a new feature on the ShareTheMeal app that connects you with families across the globe.

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Emergency in Lebanon

Explosion at Port of Beirut pushes families into hunger crisis: With no food and nowhere to turn they face dire consequences.

Rush lifesaving aid today.

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