How to Grow Grass for Goats in the Face of Drought, Heat and Hunger

Refugees are rigging up simple hydroponic production units using only local materials to grow fresh grass for their goats.

How Blockchain Is Helping WFP Fight Against the Coronavirus in Bangladesh

Blockchain is helping people in the largest refugee camp in the world get quicker, easier, more straightforward access to the lifesaving assistance they need.

How Data Analytics and Visualization Software Is Transforming the Lives of 240,000 Refugees in Tanzania

This is what happens when you take 240,000 refugees in Tanzania, mix in the latest digital solutions, and then feed the data into cutting-edge visualization tools.

UNHCR, WFP Expand Partnership in Libya to Reach More Refugees and Asylum Seekers as Food Needs Rise

With food prices skyrocketing in Libya during the pandemic, we're scaling up to get locally produced, ready-to-eat food to the people who need it most.

WFP Expands Assistance to Families Struggling in Flood-Devastated Regions of Sudan

The flooding is the worst Sudan has seen in nearly a century. We're scaling up to help thousands of devastated families across the country.

In a Divided Time, a Humanitarian Love Story Unites

When American Faith Blanchard moved to Uganda to do charity work, she wasn’t expecting to find love. But when she met Seme, a South Sudanese refugee, that's exactly what she found.

With Conflict and Covid-19 Deepening Hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo, More Help Is Needed to Save Millions of Lives

We need another $172 million over the next six months to keep millions of kids and families from starving in the face of violent conflict and displacement.

Bars & Biscuits: How Two Hungry Little Girls Stay Nourished, and in School, With Our Help

When kids living through war and displacement drop out of school, that often means missing the school meals that might be their only real source of nutrition. Here are a few bite-sized solutions.

Statement From WFP USA CEO on Explosion in Lebanon

We are extremely saddened by the immense devastation and loss caused by an explosion at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon. The Lebanese people need our support now more than ever.

Cheers to International Day of Friendship! Meet Seven Sets of Companions Making the Best out of Life

We all need the warmth of friendship to survive and thrive: Luckily we have plenty. Here are some of our favorites from across the globe.

This Is What Extreme Hunger Looks Like Through the Eyes of Seven Small Children, Told in Photos

What does malnutrition do to the body of a young child? The effects are devastating, with lifelong consequences for children and their communities. Here are seven of their stories.

South Sudan Violence Threatens Over 60,000 People in Bor Ad Pibor With Hunger

Fighting is keeping farmers from their fields and livestock keepers from their traditional grazing patterns: the violence is causing long term food insecurity across the region.

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WFP Receives Nobel Peace Prize

Conflict is the #1 cause of hunger and we’re working on the front lines.

Yemen’s people have been hit hardest, and they urgently need YOUR help to keep from starving.

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Photo: WFP/Mohammed Awadh
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The UN World Food Programme is the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

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