WFP Provides Vital Assistance to Fleeing Syrians and Calls for Safe Routes for Humanitarian Deliveries

WFP has so far provided immediate food assistance to more than 70,000 people fleeing towns in northeastern Syria as military operations continue.

Voices of the Dry Corridor: Stories of Climate Change & Hunger

In the Dry Corridor of Central America, dry spells have ruined crops and shrunken lakes, pushing families to extremes to feed themselves. These six stories show just how daunting the challenge is.

Far From Home: 7 Surprising Facts About Displacement and Hunger

A new report finds that the number of people who’ve been forced from their homes has reached new highs. Here's what you need to know.

Climate Change & Hunger: Stories From 6 African Countries

Extreme weather events are rapidly increasing hunger and malnourishment. From hurricanes and flooding to droughts and desertification, these six stories portray the very real, very human impacts of a warming world.

UNHCR and WFP Thank the EU for Continued Support to Vital Cash Program for Vulnerable Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

The additional allocation of $43.8 million is transferred through electronic cards to 358,000 people. The majority of that cash is spent on essentials like food, shelter, health care and education.

6 Solutions to Climate Change & Hunger

Climate change isn't coming. It's already here, and it's the second leading cause of global hunger. Here are the six most effective things we can do about it.

How Will Families in Somalia Survive the Driest Season in 35 Years?

Ongoing drought in Somalia means families are facing severe hunger, struggling to adapt and looking for any way to continue their everyday lives.

Climate Change Is Bad. But It’s Perfect for One Thing: Hunger

Right now, 80 percent of the world’s hungry people live in areas prone to natural disasters and extreme weather, which creates exactly the right conditions for hunger to take hold. Here are the top five ways extreme weather leads to hunger.

Forced to Leave Venezuela

Forced to Restart Her Life, Twice

Armed conflict forced Leticia and her family to flee Colombia 20 years ago. Now, the crisis in Venezuela is forcing her to return to her country empty-handed. This is her story.

WFP Provides Food Assistance in Yemen

WFP is providing food assistance for those most urgently in need of support in what has emerged as one of the world’s worst hunger crises. In 2019, WFP aims to provide 12 million people with food and nutrition assistance with 100% rations across Yemen.

SCOPE System in Yemen

WFP is currently registering beneficiaries on the SCOPE system in Yemen. Registering beneficiaries on the SCOPE system allows WFP to expand the cash transfer program.

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More than 160,000 people in northern Syria have been forced to flee their homes.

Families need urgent help right now.

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