Shawarmas From Syria: One Refugee Chef’s Story

Chef Majed fled Syria, was a refugee in Jordan and now is a successful chef at Foodhini, an online restaurant exclusively featuring immigrant and refugee chefs.

Displacement Crisis Driving Up Hunger Rates in Northern Mozambique as Families Flee Violence

WFP warns that without urgent funding, one of the world’s fastest-growing displacement crises in northern Mozambique risks becoming a hunger emergency.

Cameroon: Cooperatives Create Family Bonds and Foster Friendship for Displaced Women

A resilience-building initiative backed by WFP and Korea is empowering communities recovering from displacement — and enabling new friendships.

WFP Resumes Operations to Reach 2 Million People With Emergency Food Assistance in Tigray

WFP has resumed its operations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia after fighting halted the emergency response last week.

American Hunger Heroes: General MacArthur

General MacArthur ordered an extensive child feeding program for Japan, including school meals. It would prove to be one of MacArthur's most important orders, even if it was lesser known.

In Honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, Meet Foxtrot!

If you haven't met Foxtrot the humanitarian pup yet, you're in for a treat. On Take Your Dog to Work Day, we're sharing pics of our pups who've turned everyday into a holiday.

United States Government Boosts Malawi and WFP’s Efforts to Achieve Zero Hunger

A $9.5 million contribution from USAID will help WFP to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable households in Malawi.

WFP Welcomes $5.3 Million From the United States for Food Assistance for Refugees in Rwanda

A $5.3 million contribution from USAID will help WFP provide food assistance to over 104,000 Congolese and Burundian refugees in camps across Rwanda.

This Father’s Day, We’re Honoring Dads Around the World Fighting to Feed Their Kids

This fathers day, we're taking a look at how dads around the world do what they can to keep their families safe in the face of conflict, displacement and hunger.

Tired of Conflict: Internally Displaced People in Darfur Yearn for Peace and to Return Home

In honor of World Refugee Day, we're sharing the story of Yahya who fled his home because of conflict 15 years ago.

Barren Farms, Violent Crime and No Jobs. Here’s What Most of Us Don’t Know About Migration

Today, the global spotlight on the Central American migration crisis has left many to question what the root causes are of the migration. We have some answers, and they all boil down to one thing: hunger.

On the Brink Again: In Yemen, Safiah’s Family is One of Millions Trying to Keep Hunger at Bay

Six years of conflict have taken a devastating toll on millions of Yemeni families, and now famine is a stark reality without urgently needed funding.

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