These School Meals in Brazil Reduce Food Waste by Using Would-Be-Trash Vegetables

New recipes are changing the way Brazil's school kitchens operate. Rather than being thrown away, beetroot leaves, carrot tops and pumpkin peels give more nutrients and flavor to dishes.

Fortifying Futures: How School Meals in India Inspired Me

Recently returned from India, WFP Development Director Torrey Shallcross recalls her meaningful experience visiting a school that receives WFP meals.

53 year-old Luul is preparing school meals for children in Somalia

53 year-old Luul is preparing school meals for children in Somalia. Kabasa Primary School is one of the eight schools in Dolow that receive assistance under WFP’s School Feeding Programme. School meals are a vital safety net for vulnerable families, particularly in times of crisis. WFP provides nutritious cooked meals to school children to relieve hunger and encourage primary school attendance. In some regions, we concentrate particularly on providing girls with take-home rations to promote gender equality in school enrollment.

School Meals Funding Is an Invaluable Investment in Humanity

Hungry children do not build prosperous economies or peaceful societies. School meals represent one of the most affordable and effective investments we can ever make in humanity.

Keeping Girls in School

or every year a girl stays in primary school, her future income increases up to 20%. It also makes her more likely to marry later, have fewer children and avoid being a victim of violence.

Women Are Hungrier: School Meals

Giving women and girls access to education is one of the most powerful things we can do to solve hunger. Women and girls reinvest 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared to the average 30-40 percent.

WFP Homegrown School Feeding

Learn more about WFP’s homegrown school feeding in Rwanda. Video provided by WFP Rwanda.

Hacking Hunger – Episode 32: The Magic of a Meal: How School Feeding Transforms

Homegrown school feeding is not only transforming the lives of students, but entire communities.

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