To End Hunger, Empower Women

"The gender disparity of hunger is unacceptable." WFP USA's CEO Rick Leach explains how empowering women is the solution to ending hunger worldwide.

Processing Cassava in Madagascar

Purchase for Progress in the DRC

Top Six Reasons Women Are Hungrier

In nearly two thirds of the world’s countries, women are more likely than men to suffer from hunger and food insecurity. Here are the six reasons why.

Overcoming Poverty, Violence and a 6-Hour Walk to School

“We simply believe that girls have the right to an education and deserve to have their voices heard.” - Zack Fowler, Executive Director of WISER International

Six Women Leading the Fight Against Hunger

From nursing and tending chickens to farming and feeding 18 million school kids. Meet six women from Guatemala to Yemen who are fighting to end extreme poverty and hunger.

Feeding a Nation’s Future: The Transformative Power of School Feeding Programs

Children form the future human capital of a nation, and school feeding programs provide a key support in building the foundations.

Female Farmers Are Breaking Men’s “Economic Control” Over Women in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan women explain how they overcame old ways of doing things, where men controlled the family's money and material goods. Now women are farming land, making joint decisions and managing household income.

Dreaming Big in Idlib

Shadia, age 15, was displaced from her home in south Idlib in Syria in early September and now lives in a camp in north Idlib.

‘I discovered a new world’ when I became a Storyteller

3 women, 3 very different stories, 1 training program—giving vulnerable young people a voice.

Championing Women and Girls Around the World

On International Women’s Day, World Food Program USA is proud to announce our recipients of the Spring 2018 Catherine Bertini Trust Fund awards—Starfish and the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction.

‘We Can Now Collect Food With Dignity’

Rohingya women share their stories of using electronic food vouchers to buy the food they need. These vouchers empower them to make food decisions for their families.

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