A Decade of Progress: Feed the Future Snapshot 2018

“The most recent Feed the Future report shows how this American initiative helps to lift smallholder farmers out of poverty and fuels growing middle classes in countries where we work, allowing US businesses to compete in new markets and increasing demand for US innovations.”

CERF Annual Report 2017

“The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) — a funding mechanism within the UN covering rapid humanitarian response and underfunded emergencies—supported relief operations by numerous partners in 36 countries in 2017, including the Horn of Africa drought, the Boko Haram crisis, and the conflict in South Sudan.”

Turn the Tide: Refugee Education in Crisis

“The UN’s relief agency, UNHCR, looks at the educational aspirations of the millions of refugee youth eager to continue learning and highlights the need for strong partnerships in order to break down the barriers to education that many of them experience.”

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