A young boy stands in an aisle at the Tazweed market next to a grocery cart
WFP/Ellie Kealey

Food Vouchers and E-cards

Restoring Dignity and Choice

Hunger has many causes and faces around the world. It’s vital for the World Food Programme (WFP) to fight hunger with the right tool at the right time given changing conditions on the ground where WFP’s lifesaving assistance is needed most.

When local markets are functioning and food is available yet unaffordable for the most vulnerable families, WFP provides food vouchers and e-cards instead of traditional food commodities. By enabling families to purchase fresh and locally grown food, including produce, meat and dairy, this approach restores dignity and choice to hungry households while expanding dietary diversity, supporting local economies and food producers and significantly reducing transportation and storage costs.

Thanks to the agency’s e-cards, WFP can automatically upload funds onto what look like debit cards, which means communities in crisis can be reached even faster and more efficiently. WFP is also able to track what types of food are being purchased to better understand the needs and preferences of the families it serves.

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