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The United Nations World Food Programme feeds 100M of the world's hungriest, most vulnerable people.
Global. Determined. Effective.

For 50 years, we’ve worked on the front lines of the world’s worst hunger crises, doing whatever it takes to reach the most vulnerable people with lifesaving food. We push ourselves to the limit everyday so families can survive upheaval, build resilience and achieve long-term stability.


We feed 100 million people every year


Our teams work in more than 80 countries

4M tons

We deliver 389 Eiffel Towers' worth of food every year

we’re there when disaster strikes

Photo: WFP/Saikat Mojumder
Emergency Relief

From cyclones to civil war, the U.N. World Food Programme gets boots on the ground immediately, delivering lifesaving essentials like grains, beans and ready-to-eat emergency meals.

Photo: WFP/Kabir Dhanji
Food & Cash

The bags of food the U.N. World Food Programme delivers in a year would circle the earth nearly three times. We deliver over $2 billion in cash and over 15 billion meals every year.

Photo: WFP/Simon Pierre Diouf
Resilience Building

From refugees to farmers, the U.N. World Food Programme teaches people the skills they need to become self-reliant. The impact of these programs is felt for generations.

Photo: WFP/Alexis Masciarelli
Global Logistics

We oversee logistics for the entire global humanitarian community, including air, sea and land transportation and a vast network of supply chains and warehouses.

But our work doesn’t end there. It goes far beyond food.

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Women and girls are disproportionately affected by hunger. They make up more than half of the people the U.N. World Food Programme serves - not just with food, but with programs that empower them through access to resources.

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Photo: WFP/Giulio d'Adamo


The U.N. World Food Programme is the world's largest provider of school meals. We ensure that over 16 million vulnerable children stay in the classroom. For every $1 dollar invested in the program, up to $20 dollars is returned in education, health and productivity gains.

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Detailed photograph of Agriculture
Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud


Ironically, over 50% of the world’s hungry people are farmers. Last year, we bought $31 million dollars’ worth of food from them, taught them sustainable farming techniques, and connected them to local markets in over 40 countries.

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we go where others can't

We believe hunger is solvable.

We believe in building a world beyond emergency assistance where our help is no longer needed.

That’s why we invest in the future. We’re training 2.7 million men and women with new skills. We build wells, reservoirs, farms and fisheries. We construct roads that connect at-risk communities to vital food supply networks. We deliver storage systems that cut farmers’ waste from 40% to 2%.

We invest in people’s knowledge, skills and resilience so children and families can have sustainable food systems and economic opportunities, so they get the nutrition they need to reach their full potential.

we won't stop until we reach our #zerohunger mission
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