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2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

The U.N. World Food Programme feeds millions of the world’s hungriest, most vulnerable people. For 50 years, we’ve worked on the front lines of the worst hunger crises, doing whatever it takes to deliver lifesaving food. We push ourselves to the limit everyday so families can survive upheaval, build resilience and achieve long-term stability.


We're scaling up to feed 138 million people this year


Our teams work in more than 80 countries

4M tons

We deliver 389 Eiffel Towers' worth of food every year

We’re There When Disaster Strikes

Emergency Relief

From cyclones to civil war, the U.N. World Food Programme gets boots on the ground immediately, delivering lifesaving essentials like grains, beans and ready-to-eat emergency meals.

Resilience Building

From refugees to farmers, the U.N. World Food Programme teaches people the skills they need to become self-reliant. The impact of these programs is felt for generations.

Global Logistics

We oversee logistics for the entire global humanitarian community, including air, sea and land transportation and a vast network of supply chains and warehouses.

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