Photo: WFP/Hugh Rutherford

Start a


Use your creativity and passion to take an active role in the fight against hunger by creating your own fundraiser. Whether it’s through Facebook, a bake sale, or a marathon, there are lots of ways to inspire others and make a difference in the world. What’s your idea?

Fundraisers held outside of Facebook must be approved in writing by World Food Program USA. Contact us at for more information.

Start a facebook Fundraiser

Whether it’s your birthday or a holiday, you can start a fundraiser on Facebook anytime. It’s easy. Give your fundraiser a name and set a goal, then you’re on your way!

Be Creative

There are many ways to raise money in your local community. Here are just a few ideas that other supporters like you have done:

  • *Get sponsored to run a marathon
  • *For your birthday, ask people to donate instead of giving gifts
  • *Do a garage sale, lemonade stand or car wash
  • *Host a raffle or sports tournament
Photo: Courtesy of Poonam and Nishkaam

For their wedding, Poonam and Nishkaam not only donated their entire wedding budget, they asked their friends and family to join their Million Meals for Love group on ShareTheMeal.

With more than 13K members, they raised nearly 2 million meals.

A simple fundraiser can save lives and feed dreams.

Other Ways to get involved

Write to Congress

Send an email to your representative in Congress to advocate on behalf of the hungry.

Play the Freerice Game

You pick the topic, and for every correct answer 10 grains of rice are donated to change lives around the world!

Advocate on Social

Use your social media influence as a platform to raise awareness for ending world hunger.