Image depicting WFP Programs
WFP does whatever it takes to feed families across the globe.

CBS News reporter Scott Pelley once called WFP “one of the best ideas America ever had.”

WFP Programs

Emergency Relief

From natural disasters to unexpected conflict, WFP does whatever it takes to reach people wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

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Food Assistance

Food vouchers and e-cards enable families to purchase fresh and locally grown food, restoring both dignity and choice.

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Food for Assets

WFP helps communities build resilience by providing lifesaving food assistance in exchange for work on community projects.

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Empowering Women

In nearly two-thirds of countries around the world, women are more likely than men to suffer from hunger. Read their stories and see what WFP is doing to help them achieve equality.

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School Meals

School meals ensure that children have the nutrition they need to learn and grow. In many communities, families depend on them to get by.

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Nutrition: First 1,000 Days

The nutrition and well-being of mothers and children during the first 1,000 days of life are critical. We have the power to shape their future.

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Small-Scale Farmers

WFP provides basic resources like fertilizer and farming equipment that allow farmers to feed their families and earn an income from small plots of land.

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Reducing Food Loss

Right now, there's enough food to feed everyone on the planet, but nearly one-third of it is lost or wasted. See what WFP is doing to reverse the trend.

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Surviving Conflict

Violence. War. Persecution. Conflict is the #1 cause of hunger in the world. That's why WFP dedicates 80% of its resources to conflict zones.

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Humanitarian Logistics and Services

As head of the U.N. Logistics Cluster, WFP oversees the delivery of all supplies and staff for the entire aid community during times of crisis.

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