Understanding L3 Emergencies

In a new animated film based on the agency’s graphic novel, Living Level 3, WFP reveals what life is like for families and aid workers in one of the planet’s most dangerous conflict zones: ISIS-controlled Iraq. But first, what do we mean by “Level 3?”

WFP’s Rapid Response, Explained

WFP and UNICEF designed the simple yet innovative Integrated Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) to deliver urgently needed supplies to families in hard-to-reach areas.

Reuniting After Escaping ISIS

On the front lines of war and hunger in Iraq, the military offensive to reclaim the city of Mosul from ISIS has caused tens of thousands of families to flee. Hear one aid worker’s account of how this displacement has led to an unlikely reunion with loved ones -- and food -- after years of separation and hunger.

Hacking Hunger – Episode 15: Reuniting After Escaping ISIS

We talk to a WFP communications officer on the front lines of conflict in Iraq.