Shrity: The Dreamer, The Teacher

Published April 28, 2016

12-year-old Shrity lives in Bangladesh, and she has very little. But what she does have makes her radiate. You can see it in her eyes, her smile.

Did you know? Investing in girls like Shrity around the world could make a massive difference in ending global hunger. Many girls in low-income countries face unique barriers to education and nutrition, and parents often keep them at home to care for relatives. Sometimes, they’re married off young. And they’re often the last to eat when there’s not much food at home.

But there’s hope: every year a girl stays in primary school boosts her future wages by up to 20 percent. And school meals programs like ours have been shown to significantly improve school enrollment and attendance rates among girls just like this one. Help feed the dreams of children like her and donate to school meals.