The Coolest Job You’ve Never Heard of: Keeping 4M Tons of Food From Going Bad

Extreme temperatures. Dropped from a plane. Springing leaks. These are the food safety considerations of the largest hunger-fighting organization in the world.

It’s in the Bag! This Simple Storage System Is Slashing Food Loss.

Farmers in Sudan lose up to 40% of their crops every year. Our hermetic bags cost just $2 and reduce loss to less than 2%.

600 Tons of Ugly Fruits and Veggies Find New Life Feeding Thousands of Peruvians

Fruits and vegetables that were previously thrown away are being transformed into nutritious meals in soup kitchens across Lima, Peru.

How WFP Is Helping Keep the Air Clean and the Skies Blue

For International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, we're taking a look at how #healthyairhealthyplanet and #ZeroHunger go hand in hand. 

Senegal: Cow Dung Proves ‘Green Gold’ for the Women of Kolda

In the south of Senegal, communities are preserving the environment by using WFP biodigesters to convert cow dung into fertilizer and gas.

How Families in a Remote, Desert Village Banded Together to Build a Community School

Eight years ago, Mahmoud rolled up his sleeves and started building a community school in his hometown with his bare hands. 

On the Frontlines: How the World’s Youth Are Innovating, Adapting and Surviving in Their Fights Against Hunger

In honor of International Youth Day, here are five stories of young people around the world who are part of and participating in the solutions to childhood hunger.  

Young and Gifted: Against all Odds, Refugees in Malawi Rebuild Their Lives Through Passion and Entrepreneurship

To mark World Youth Skills Day, we would like to introduce five young and gifted refugees who left their homes in the DRC and now live in the Dzaleka refugee camp.

The United Nations World Food Programme: A Nonprofit or Part of the U.N.?

Have you ever wondered what exactly the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is? Or how it fits under the larger umbrella of the United Nations?

For International Plastic Bag Free Day, Meet the Rohingya Refugees Upcycling Packaging and Hope

Through a upcycling centers in Bangladesh, Rohingya refuges are transforming packaging waste into useful products.

American Hunger Heroes: Norman Borlaug

American biologist and humanitarian Norman Borlaug is often called “The Father of the Green Revolution” for his groundbreaking discoveries in high-yield agriculture.

COVID-19 Devastating for Nearly 14 Million Displaced, Refugees and Migrants in East and Horn of Africa

Migrants, refugees and other forcibly displaced persons are among the most disadvantaged and disenfranchised groups, and are suffering some of the worst impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

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