Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp

The Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales bold solutions to end global hunger. The Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp and Pitch Night is taking place this October in Silicon Valley.

A Flood of Insights

Flooding affects millions of people in Congo. We look back at using advanced analytics for flood response there.

When Retail, Humanitarian Assistance and Digital Technology Meet

WFP's Dalili App is innovating humanitarian assistance and empowering Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

It’s in the Bag! This Simple Storage System Is Slashing Food Loss.

Farmers in Sudan lose up to 40% of their crops every year. Hermetic bags cost just $2 and reduce loss to less than 2%.

Rethinking Packaging, Reducing Waste

What does waste and environmental sustainability look like for the world’s largest humanitarian organization?

WFP’s Zero Food Loss Initiative: Reaching 200 Million Farmers by 2030

Africa’s smallholder families lose up to 40 percent of their harvest to insects, rodents and mould. But a simple solution can virtually eliminate such losses and improve families’ incomes, food availability, health and nutrition.

How to Cut Food Loss From 40% to 2%

Post-harvest food loss is a major contributor to hunger and under nutrition affecting farming families across Africa. Farmers who chose to participate in WFP’s Zero Food Loss Initiative have seen a drastic reduction in grain losses, a tripling of incomes, and availability of food throughout the lean season.

SHERP All-Terrain Vehicle in Uganda

SCOPE Registration in South Sudan

Processing Cassava in Madagascar

Drones in Bangladesh

Biometric Registration in Bangladesh