“60 Minutes” Wins Emmy for Story on WFP in Syria

World Food Program USA
Published September 29, 2015
Last Updated June 21, 2019

The piece begins with CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley calling WFP “one of the best ideas that America ever had.”

“The United Nations launched WFP in 1961 at the urging of the United States. And today the U.S. government pays the biggest part of the bill as the World Food Programme feeds 80 million people a year. Its greatest challenges come when it confronts war and hunger. And that’s what’s happening today in Syria, where you will find heroes of the World Food Programme saving the most vulnerable people in what looked to us like the edge of oblivion.”

Thank you, Scott Pelley and the CBS newsroom, for your incredible work and congratulations on a well-deserved award. Your story truly saved lives.

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