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End Hunger Give Free Rice

Would You Rather Play a Game or Do Some Good?

With Freerice, you don’t have to choose. Global hunger is one of our most pressing problems, but it’s also the most solvable. Freerice is easy – all you have to do is play! For every question answered correctly, sponsors donate the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice. The money goes to work where it’s needed most – saving and changing lives around the world.


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Have Fun. Help the Hungry.


Freerice is available for both iOS and Android devices in the Apple app store and in Google Play. It’s free to download and you can start answering questions right away. Boost your brain power while helping us reach zero hunger.

Pick a Category

Set your difficulty level to easy, normal or hard. Then use Freerice to brush up on your vocabulary or test your knowledge on topics like human anatomy, famous quotations or world landmarks.

Answer Questions

What’s another word for “neglect”? What’s the definition of a natural disaster? Every correct answer triggers a donation to the U.N. World Food Programme from a dedicated group of sponsors worth 10 grains of rice that will help a hungry family. Get started today!

Challenge Your Friends

You can collect badges, save your totals, create groups, invite your friends to play and challenge them to a trivia contest. Share your wins on social media to help raise awareness.

End Hunger

10 grains of rice might not seem like much, but so far, Freerice has raised more than 210 billion grains of rice for people in need. You can have fun and make a difference all at the same time.

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Fill a Bowl

“I've played Freerice since I was introduced to it in middle school and even now (as a 24 y/o) I still play often. Love what it does, and they make it fun and educational. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” - Brianna

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Be a Hero

“I downloaded Freerice to join the BTS ARMY team and I love it! Such a cool way to help others while having fun and learning. Both my 7-year-old and myself find it fun and challenging.” – Erika

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Send a Smile

“This game is unbelievably fun, does something good for the planet and it's from WFP. I mean, is there a more perfect game? 👍 A gigantic thumbs up for this game!” – Melissa

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Get the Game. Get Smart. Give Rice.

Got Homework?

Freerice includes math, human anatomy, chemical symbols, vocabulary and grammar. Studying doesn't have to be hard work. Check it out and see for yourself.

Start playing!

Thousands of teachers have used Freerice as an engaging classroom tool that immediately appeals to students while remaining focused on education and making a tangible difference.