in Crisis

Once a breadbasket of the world, Ukraine’s people now wait in breadlines and face a growing hunger crisis.


The war in Ukraine continues to displace people from their homes, damage infrastructure and disrupt supply chains. Many families have lost access to nutritious foods.


One in three households in Ukraine is hungry today


WFP supports 3 million Ukrainians every month


Over 13 million Ukrainians have been displaced

Ukraine Report

February 2023

February 24 marked one year since the onset of war in Ukraine.

The conflict has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties, the destruction of critical infrastructure and food insecurity.

To date, approximately 5.3 million people have been displaced inside Ukraine. Nearly 8.1 million individuals, mainly women, children and elderly people, have sought refuge across Europe in one of the fastest forced population movements since World War II.

5.5 million Ukrainians have returned to their home country despite the war. Many of those who return struggle to rebuild their lives, having run out of money and found their homes reduced to rubble.

how We Help the Ukrainian People

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is on the ground inside Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide critical food assistance to those affected by this devastating war.

Food Distributions

WFP delivers monthly food kits and ready-to-eat food rations, primarily in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine where supply chains and markets are no longer functional.

Cash Aid

To date, WFP has transferred over $450 million dollars to Ukrainians in need. Those eligible for cash-based assistance receive $75 – $22 per month, depending on a family’s size.

Logistics Support

On behalf of the United Nations, WFP is in Ukraine and a number of neighboring countries to lead the emergency telecommunications and logistics clusters.

CBS 60 Minutes: WFP in Ukraine

Interview with Deputy Director of Emergencies Division

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