Image depicting  UKRAINE IN CRISIS
Photo: WFP/Edward Johnson/2022


Once a breadbasket of the world, Ukraine's people now wait in breadlines and face a growing hunger crisis.


The war in Ukraine is triggering a wave of collateral hunger across the globe and threatening food security for millions of families. Lives have been lost, livelihoods destroyed and humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour.

Since the conflict began, we have reached over 4M people with food or cash assistance.


WFP has reached nearly 4.3M people inside Ukraine


One in three households in Ukraine is hungry today


Over 7million Ukrainians have been internally displaced

CBS 60 Minutes: WFP in Ukraine

Over 5 million Ukrainians, mostly women, children and elderly, have already fled the country and sought refuge in the neighboring countries. Some 7 million people have been internally displaced from their homes.


Conflict is the main driver of hunger and food insecurity in the world. WFP is on the ground inside Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide critical food assistance to those affected by this devastating war.

Photo: WFP/2022

Food distributions have supported over 540,100 Ukrainian residents and IDPs in Kyiv, Rivnen, Dnipro, Polatava and other cities. In May, around 40% of people reached through food aid received bread.

Photo: Courtesy of USAID/OFDA/2022

WFP has distributed enough high energy biscuits (HBEs) for 30,000 people for five days in Kyiv. Over 1,500 tons of mixed food commodities, including HBEs, are are en route to Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa and Chernivtsi.

Photo: WFP/Edward Johnson/2022

To date, WFP has transferred almost $67 million to nearly 943,000 people in Ukraine. Those eligible are receiving between $75 – $22 per month, depending on a family’s size.

Photo: WFP/Giulio d'Adamo/2022

Logistics staff have been deployed to Romania, Moldova and Poland to support operations as Ukrainians flee their home. We are establishing operational bases to supply and organize humanitarian convoys into conflict areas.

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