OUr Core Values

Our values provide the framework for how we behave and work together to reach our goals to feed and save the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

What we stand for

Together, through dialogue and action, World Food Program USA’s leadership and staff pledge to create, model and sustain a culture where staff feel valued, important and dedicated to achieving our mission.

We embody our values and live our behaviors daily, when communicating and working with internal and external colleagues, donors, stakeholders, allies and partners, including our colleagues at the United Nations World Food Programme. Our guiding principle is to always do what is in the best interest of our mission.


We are all one team.

  • We put the organizational goals of both WFP USA and solving hunger over the interests of any individual.
  • We take actions that advance the goals and successes of our colleagues, partners and our mission.
  • We build connections and break down silos by pursuing opportunities as a team with those inside and outside our organization.


We own our work.

  • We hold ourselves responsible and are held accountable for our behavior and performance.
  • We openly give and receive constructive feedback and positive reinforcement for continued improvement.
  • We empower our team and partners by clearly defining roles, prioritizing tasks, delegating authority, trusting team members and rigorously measuring results.

VALUE #3: Respectful

We are kind to each other.

  • We act with good will towards others and assume positive intent.
  • We honor our word and choose candor, respect and kindness.
  • We value and acknowledge the perspectives of others.

VALUE #4: Inclusive

We champion diversity.

  • We create and foster a community that welcomes and values people with diverse backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences.
  • We proactively engage people of diverse backgrounds and experiences across all levels the organization and all aspects of our work.
  • We nurture and support the development of each individual so they can reach their full potential.
  • We develop and institute policies and practices with an equity lens.

VALUE #5: Optimistic

We have a “make it happen” attitude.

  • We take bold, courageous actions toward fulfilling aspirational goals.
  • We promote the belief that ending world hunger is achievable and elevate the positive impact of our work for the world’s most vulnerable people.
  • We are hopeful, humble and compassionate in fulfilling our mission.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

You Belong

At World Food Program USA we celebrate diversity, practice equity, and strive to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging in every aspect of our work.

We recognize the unique differences, whether seen or unseen, and the intersectionality of the individuals who are connected to our mission. We value everyone’s voice and aim to hold intentional space for those who are not represented at the table.

We are committed to evolving, growing, and continually learning together on the journey of becoming a diverse, equitable, inclusive community where everyone feels valued and connected. 

If this excites you, join us in our fight towards a world without hunger.

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