Image depicting The World's Worst Hunger Emergencies
Photo: WFP/Annabel Symington

The World's Worst Hunger Emergencies

Whatever It Takes

When conflict erupts or natural disaster strikes, the United Nations World Food Programme is there. It feeds families on the frontlines of our planet’s most dangerous and complicated emergencies.



Recurring drought and delayed rains are pushing families in southern Madagascar into a hunger crisis. Help us deliver food before it's too late.

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The war in Ukraine is triggering a wave of collateral hunger across the globe and threatening food security for millions of families.

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By the time famine is declared, it’s too late. Today, 43 million people are teetering on the edge of this catastrophic level of hunger.

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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

DRC is the world’s biggest hunger emergency in absolute numbers, with 26 million acutely food insecure people.

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Boko Haram has displaced an estimated 1.78 million within the country’s borders—80 percent are women and children.

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The Sahel

Comprised of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, the Sahel sits just below the Sahara desert and has become one of the world's worst hunger emergencies.

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South Sudan

More than half of the country lacks access to sufficient food to survive as a result of ongoing violence.

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After 11 years of conflict, nearly 12.4 million people inside Syria don't have enough to eat.

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Over 17 million people are struggling to find their next meal, making Yemen the world's largest hunger crisis.

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Crisis Watch

Photo: WFP/Arete/Joost Bastmeijer Northern Ethiopia

Conflict is devastating northern Ethiopia, pushing hundreds of thousands of people into famine. Over 70% of Tigray's population is hungry.

Photo: WFP/Arete/Andrew Quilty Afghanistan

Afghanistan is becoming the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with needs surpassing those in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Photo: WFP/Shelley Thakral Bangladesh: Rohingya

Home to the world's largest refugee camp, Bangladesh is hosting nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees from neighboring Myanmar.

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The Dry Corridor

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are experiencing one of the worst droughts of the last ten years with nearly 8 million people facing hunger today.

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Photo: WFP/Alexis Masciarelli Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Latin America and Caribbean region, and one of the most food-insecure places in the world. Today, over 4 million Haitians needs urgent food assistance.

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Photo: WFP/Matteo Cosorich Climate Change

Climate change is one of the top causes of global hunger, leading to more frequent and extreme weather events for vulnerable populations. Over 80% of the world’s hungry people live in disaster-prone countries.

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What Could Cause so Much Suffering?

Without exception, the #1 cause of hunger in the world is conflict. See how and why:

WFP operates the largest humanitarian transport network in the world. At any given time, 5,600 trucks, 30 ships and 100 planes are delivering food across the globe.

WFP delivers lifesaving emergency relief and coordinates on-the-ground logistics operations. From telecommunications systems to bridges and roads, WFP goes to the planet’s most dangerous and difficult-to-reach places.

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Stories From the Frontlines
Photo: WFP/Hussam Al Saleh How to Help Earthquake Survivors in Türkiye and Syria

The devastating earthquakes that hit Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria affected 18 million people. We break down your frequently asked questions about this disaster and make it easy for you to help the survivors.

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Photo: WFP/2023 Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes: WFP Reaches Communities With Lifesaving Assistance

WFP has reached 300,000 people with urgently needed food assistance following Monday’s deadly earthquakes that struck along the border between Türkiye and Syria.

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Photo: AP WFP Stands Ready to Support Communities in Türkiye and Syria Affected by the Earthquake

In the wake of the devastating earthquakes that struck along the border between Türkiye and Syria, WFP stands ready to launch an emergency response to support affected populations in both countries.

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