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Support Global Food Aid

Over the last two years, we have seen a rise in extreme hunger and humanitarian organizations have seen demand for their programs skyrocket. The events in Ukraine, including the recent suspension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, threaten to further increase food insecurity and global instability. Without considerable supplemental government funding, tens of millions of people worldwide could slip further into crisis levels of hunger.

Ask your Members of Congress to support supplemental funding for international food assistance today.

WFP distributes food boxes to families affected by the war in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
Photo: WFP/Anastasiia Honcharuk

Ask Your Members of Congress to Support International School Meals

The United States has a long legacy of leading the global fight against hunger through international school meals programs like the George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Child Program. Since July, there have been ongoing efforts in Congress to weaken or eliminate food assistance programs like McGovern-Dole. We cannot afford to lose this support and need your help to make sure there is robust government funding for the McGovern-Dole Program. 

Please act now and sign this letter to your Members of Congress. 

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Ask Your Representative to Support the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a vital tool that not only affects agriculture in the United States but plays a major role in fighting hunger and malnutrition abroad. Support for the 2023 Farm Bill and its international food aid programs will save millions of lives and reduce hunger and instability across the world.

Send a letter to your Members of Congress and ask them to support the reauthorization of the 2023 Farm Bill to support global hunger relief.

Andrew Lodikio eating lunch in South Sudan
Photo: WFP/Eulalia Berlanga/2023

What Is the U.S. Farm Bill? Its History and Role in Fighting Hunger

The United States has a long legacy of maintaining its commitment to ending global hunger. A key piece of legislation to continue that commitment is the Farm Bill.

Top Advocacy and Policy Moments of 2022

In 2022, the world faced the largest global hunger crisis in modern history. In response, thanks to the support of our advocates, the United States government provided a record $7.2 billion in total to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Let’s take a look back at what our Public Policy team and supporters accomplished together in 2022.

Young girl in Ethiopia at food distribution site
Photo: WFP

Take action to end hunger

Make your voice heard by signing the zero hunger pledge and sharing it with your friends and family.

Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua

Join Our Community of Advocates

Sign the zero hunger pledge today to join our dedicated community of advocates and help us create a world without hunger.

Past Campaigns to congress

Secured $5B in Food Relief

Advocates asked Members of Congress to provide $5 billion dollars in supplemental funding for international food assistance programs and it passed—securing the single largest amount of supplemental funding for a global hunger emergency in U.S. history!

Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua
Congress Supported School Meals Program

H. Res 1156 reaffirms the support of Congress for the George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. Advocates took action and contacted their Members of Congress to support this resolution and it passed!

Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua

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