7 Ways to Help Feed Families in Need this Holiday Season with WFP USA

For many of us, the holidays are a season of abundance, filled with feasting, gifting and festivities with family and friends.

But in the midst of our plenty, let’s not forget people who aren’t as fortunate – including the millions of children and families around the world who don’t have enough to eat. WFP works hard to ensure that everyone has the nutrition they need to thrive – but we need your help. 

Below are seven ways you can help families in need this holiday season – and make it merrier and brighter for all.


1. Become a monthly donor

From Syria to South Sudan, millions of kids around the world are hungry and malnourished. More than 150 million children are stunted and 50 million suffer from wasting. Help WFP provide steady, reliable support to malnourished kids through programs like school feeding by making a monthly gift and becoming a ZeroHunger Hero. Just $15 is enough to provide a child with meals for an entire month.


2. Make a one-time gift and have your contribution matched

2018 was a tough year for many families as conflict flared across the globe. In Yemen, a country caught up in civil war, 15.9 million people – including 2.9 million mothers and young children, don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Make a one-time donation to help provide emergency relief to hungry families in Yemen and other conflict zones. Make your gift by Dec. 31, and it will be matched $1 to $1 – doubling your impact. A donation of $75 dollars feeds a family for a whole month.


3. Consider a gift that gives back

Shop smart and add a deeper meaning to gifts for loved ones. Consider a gift that gives back. For every doll purchased at cuddle + kind, the company gives 10 meals to children in need through WFP USA and other charities.


4. Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Social media is becoming an ever-more popular platform for giving. Twenty-nine percent of people say that it inspires them to give. Inspire your friends and family to give meals to hungry families by hosting a Facebook fundraiser for WFP USA.


5. Walk a Mile and Give a Meal

If you run, walk or bike – or are resolving to do so more in the new year – download the Charity Miles app and each step or peddle could help feed a family in need. Charity Miles tracks the length of your workouts and donates accordingly to charity. All you have to do is choose WFP USA as your charity of choice and you’ll immediately start giving. One mile gives about one meal to a hungry family.


6. Shop with Amazon Smile

Buying gifts on Amazon this year? Simply purchase on smile.amazon.com and make your gift go further. For each purchase made on Amazon Smile, Amazon donates .5 percent of sales value (exceptions apply) to the charity of your choice. WFP can provide a school meal for children for only $.25. Be sure to select WFP USA as your charity of choice before shopping!


7. Share the Meal

As you’re sitting down to a holiday meal with family and friends, share the meal with hungry kids by simply tapping your phone. Download WFP’s ShareTheMeal app, scroll through stories of kids across the world who need help, and donate right then and there. ShareTheMeal makes it easy to give and bring joy to the world by filling the plates of children in need.  

This Holiday Season, Help a Family in Need

Become a donor today.