Why We Feed Futures: How Scarborough & Tweed Gives Back

Photo: Suzanne Cordero
Published March 22, 2019

Several years ago, I took a trip to Belize and Guatemala. While crossing the border between the countries, I was struck by their stark difference. Belize seemed relatively prosperous and secure while Guatemala seemed to lack these advantages. I was sure there were many reasons for this contrast, but I think a big reason was that Belize had free and compulsory education for children for several years more than Guatemala did. Guatemala, not surprisingly, had one of the lowest literacy rates in Central America. It hit home for me what a difference education can make for a child, a community and a country. It was then that education, particularly public education, became a passion of mine. I sought out ways that I could make an impact on the life of a child through education.

Lisa McCullagh, president, Scarborough & Tweed

As I built my company, Scarborough & Tweed, and looked for ways to give back for all the good fortune I have had, I knew that education would be a big area of focus for me. Partnering with World Food Program USA (WFP USA) through Scarborough & Tweed’s One Bag/One Meal campaign turned out to be a perfect fit. Through our collaboration, every bag that Scarborough & Tweed sells provides one meal for a child in need. Since starting this program in September 2015, we have donated more than 230,000 meals and counting.

Donating to WFP’s school meals program allows me to provide vital nutrition for children while also supporting education at its most basic and important level. I believe that every child deserves the best education possible, but no child can learn if they are hungry or wondering where their next meal is coming from. We are so honored to join WFP USA in the fight to end world hunger by supporting school meals for all.

Lisa McCullagh is the president of Scarborough & Tweed.