With ShareTheMeal, Invite a Family To The Table

World Food Program USA
Published March 14, 2018
Last Updated May 10, 2021

What if you could directly support a family in need on the other side of the planet? What if you could learn how this family is overcoming hunger and empower this household with a way to purchase locally produced food?

Well, now you can—thanks to a new feature on ShareTheMeal, the world’s first smartphone app that fights global hunger.

Launched by the World Food Programme (WFP), the ShareTheMeal app has so far delivered 20 million meals and counting to vulnerable families across the globe. Now, a new monthly giving feature called The Table allows you to follow your donation and see exactly how you’re helping families in need.


Using real-time data collected from WFP’s SCOPE system, you’ll receive personalized updates and exclusive stories from the field about how families living in hunger hotspots like Nigeria, South Sudan and Syria are using e-cards from WFP to put fresh, nutritious meals on the table.

By providing e-cards instead of traditional food rations, WFP is helping restore dietary diversity and a sense of dignity for those in need while saving the agency money and time on storage and transportation. Giving families e-cards makes sense on all levels: It leads to more choice and nutritious diets, it empowers women in particular and it means your donation can go further.

Through The Table, you can directly support families in need every month by making these e-cards possible.

Invest in a world without hunger and change the life of a family each month. Be virtually connected with families you’re helping and receive exclusive stories and updates from the field.

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