Photo: WFP/Ali Jadallah


For decades, Palestine has been facing a protracted and complex conflict and humanitarian crisis. 

The recent conflict in Palestine is causing catastrophic levels of hunger, on top of the extreme poverty that already existed.


People are displaced in Gaza due to ongoing conflict


People in Gaza are facing extreme hunger


People in Gaza & the West reached with WFP food assistance

Palestine Facts

Population:  5.3 million people; 2.3 million in Gaza and 3 million in the West Bank

Background:  In 1947, the United Nations established the boundaries for the state of Palestine. Multiple conflicts over the next several decades moved these boundaries around.

Geography & Climate: Palestine is split into 3 regions: East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Collectively, they are bordered by Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Palestine has a Mediterranean climate, which is typically hot and dry.

Economy:  Palestine’s economy is limited due to external restrictions. While the West Bank has seen some gradual growth from agriculture, services and tourism, Gaza is essentially a closed economy.

What’s Causing Hunger?

A boy picks his way through a destroyed neighbourhood in Gaza
Photo: WFP Photo/Library

War Threatens Food Security

Ongoing conflict, including the recent increase in hostilities, has destroyed homes and lives. It has also increased hunger by causing mass displacement and destroying sources of food production like restaurants and markets.

Displaced people in Gaza
Displaced people around their makeshift homes in the Al-Qastal School.
Photo: WFP/Arete/Abood al Sayd/2023

A Restricted & Stagnant Economy

With limited resources, restrictions on trade and high unemployment, Palestine is experiencing a stagnant economy and mass poverty. This is increasing due to the recent conflict, and is raising levels of hunger.

WFP’s Work in PAlestine

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been in Palestine since 1991. We provide food assistance to people facing the most extreme forms of hunger and are delivering aid to those suffering in Gaza.

Emergency Relief

WFP immediately launched emergency operations to provide urgently needed food assistance. WFP has already provided food and cash to more than 1.4 million people since the start of the current crisis. 

Photo: WFP/Ali Jadallah/2023
Food Assistance

We provide food assistance to people in Gaza and the West Bank in the form of direct food and electronic vouchers. Beneficiaries can use these vouchers to buy foods of their choice.


WFP fosters early recovery and enhances the resilience and coping mechanisms of fragile communities in the face of economic hardship and restricted freedom of movement.

Photo: WFP/Mostafa Ghroz/2023
Photo: WFP/Ali Jadallah/2023

Help Save Lives by Sending Food

When you donate, you help us deliver critical food relief to the most vulnerable people in Gaza and the West Bank. You can make difference in someone’s life – send food today.