Image depicting Save Lives in South Sudan
Photo: WFP/Hugh Rutherford/2021

Save Lives in South Sudan

South Sudan is facing its hungriest year ever. Over 8 million people are facing the most extreme levels of hunger. Many will starve without immediate aid.

Help Us Fight Record Levels of Hunger in South Sudan

South Sudan was already grappling with years of flooding, localized drought and increasing violence when the war in Ukraine began. Now, surging food and fuel prices are exacerbating an already dire hunger situation in the world’s youngest country.

Support Our Crisis Response

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been providing lifesaving support to millions of people in virtually all areas of the country that are accessible since independence in 2011 (and as part of Sudan since 1963).

Photo: WFP/Hugh Rutherford/2021
Food & Nutrition

Food assistance is essential to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan. Last year, WFP reached 5.9 million people facing hunger with food and nutrition assistance – including nearly 600,000 flood-affected people.

Photo: WFP/Eulalia Berlanga/2021
Climate Projects

WFP is scaling up its resilience-building activities to help communities prepare for, cope with and recover from climate shocks. In Unity State, WFP began restoring a key roadway following devastating floods.

Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua/2022
Cash Aid

WFP’s cash-based transfers help families supplement their diets while boosting local markets and production. In 2021, WFP transferred $46 million dollars to people in need across all 10 states of South Sudan.

Photo: WFP/Sabine Starke

Airdrops are a last resort for families trapped in dangerous, inaccessible areas of South Sudan. These places are cut off by conditions that make roads impassable. Airdrops allow WFP to reach these areas with emergency food.

Send Food Today

The gap between needs and WFP's available funding for operations in South Sudan is widening by the day, driven even higher due to the war in Ukraine. You can help save lives in South Sudan and other countries by donating today.

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Almost one-third of the severely hungry South Sudanese WFP planned to support this year will be left without humanitarian food assistance due to critical funding shortages. Read more of the latest story out of South Sudan.

The U.N. World Food Programme is a lifeline for millions of people in South Sudan like Nyal, Tabani and Nyawaneloe.

Square photograph of Nyal Detailed photograph of Nyal


Nyal Chol Liech Muon built an impressive dyke to protect her family from rising floodwaters. Today, her home still stands along the banks of Akobo River while her family receives WFP food assistance.

Detailed photograph of Tabani
Photo: WFP/Martin Lukongo/2021


Once Tabani settled his family in a refugee camp right on the border of South Sudan and DRC, he began receiving food assistance from WFP. With this aid, Tabani has been able to rent a field where he cultivates cassava – which he then sells in the local market.

Detailed photograph of Nyawaneloe and Nyapal
Photo: WFP/Eulalia Berlanga/2021

Nyawaneloe and Nyapal

When Nyawaneloe Mat could not produce enough milk for her son Nyapal Bol, she began receiving supplementary food from WFP to treat Nyapal's severe malnutrition.