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THe food crisis in Latin America

The effects of COVID-19 are profound and wide-reaching in Latin America, a hard-hit region where there has been a 269 percent rise in people facing severe food insecurity. And now, a pandemic-induced recession threatens to wipe out years of economic, humanitarian and social progress in the region. More than one-third of the population will face unemployment and food insecurity, threatening dire, long-term impacts for Latin America. What are the broader implications of this food crisis in Latin America, and what are states in the region and the international community doing to prevent tens of millions more people from falling into extreme poverty and unprecedented food insecurity?


  • Laura Melo, United Nations World Food Programme, Country Director in Guatemala
  • Angela Montoya, WFP Private Sector Partnerships Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  • María Nelly Rivas, Cargill, VP of Government Relations, Latin America
  • Moderator: Chris Megargee, Latin America Ambassador at Covenant House International