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Click a hotspot to learn more about five of the world’s worst hunger emergencies and what WFP is doing to help.

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More than five years of conflict have pushed 16 million people in Yemen – over half the population – into extreme hunger.  Pockets of famine-like conditions have returned for the first time in two years, and only half the country’s health facilities are working. We urgently need your help to send lifesaving food right away.

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The number of severely hungry people in the DRC has skyrocketed from 13 million last year to nearly 22 million today.

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South Sudan

In South Sudan, more than half the country lacks access to sufficient food to survive as a result of ongoing violence.

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After ten years of conflict, more than 12 million people inside Syria don’t have enough food to eat – the highest number ever recorded in the country.

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The Sahel

In the Sahel, a region just below the Sahara Desert devastated by conflict and climate change, over 7 million people aren’t getting enough to eat.

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