Statement by WFP Executive Director on Qatari Funding for Humanitarian Operations in Yemen

Qatar’s support, part of which will go to WFP, is critical for staving off famine in Yemen and will save millions of lives.

Shawarmas From Syria: One Refugee Chef’s Story

Chef Majed fled Syria, was a refugee in Jordan and now is a successful chef at Foodhini, an online restaurant exclusively featuring immigrant and refugee chefs.

On the Brink Again: In Yemen, Safiah’s Family is One of Millions Trying to Keep Hunger at Bay

Six years of conflict have taken a devastating toll on millions of Yemeni families, and now famine is a stark reality without urgently needed funding.

Funding Crunch Forces WFP to Scale Back Food Assistance to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

WFP urgently needs funding to continue assistance to vulnerable refugees, to stop families falling into further food insecurity and deeper poverty.

WFP Triples its Support to Lebanese Families as Country Faces Unprecedented Crisis

WFP has started scaling up to assist families struggling to make ends meet amidst a severe economic downturn, skyrocketing inflation and a collapsing Lebanese pound.

WFP Ramps up Support to Yemen’s Famine Risk Areas

Escalating conflict, economic decline, rising global commodity prices and COVID-19 have all contributed to an alarming increase in acute hunger in Yemen over the last year.

It’s Tea Time at Mohamad’s House, and the Whole World’s Invited

Meet Mohamad, a tiny tea enthusiast. In 2016, he showed us how important tea is to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

WFP Provides Immediate Support to Families Caught up in Gaza Emergency

For people who have lost or fled their homes, one of the most pressing needs at the moment is food. WFP has started providing emergency assistance for more than 51,000 people in north Gaza in response to the recent escalation of conflict.

What the “Hunger Season” Means for Farmers Fighting Famine

The hunger season can last for months, and it’s a particularly challenging time for subsistence farmers and their families, who solely rely on what they grow.

When Life Hands You Lemons: The Journey of Nenad Grkovic, WFP Beneficiary Turned Humanitarian Worker

Meet Nenad Grkovic, a former United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) beneficiary during a civil war who later dedicated his career to saving and changing lives through innovative logistics solutions. 

The Women of Syria Are Hungry for Food and Change

It’s been a decade since the conflict in Syria began, and today families are barely hanging on. Meet 10 Syrian women and girls who are doing whatever it takes to survive.

Over 65% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just Ten Countries. Why?

Conflict is a vicious force, and one that's pushed 88 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable. Nearly all of them live in the same places.

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