Executive Director David Beasley Visits Rohingya Camps

Published March 12, 2018

Come along with United Nations World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley pays a visit to the world’s largest refugee camp, in Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar. The camp hosts more than half a million displaced people and is extremely disaster-prone – and refugees are immensely exposed to the elements. Every year, the area sees one monsoon and two cyclone seasons, meaning everyone living in the area is subject to natural disasters for nine months of the year.

But we’re continuing our disaster risk reduction activities, including rehabilitating cyclone shelters, improving drainage systems, stabilizing slopes in the camps, maintaining existing forests and planting new ones, and helping communities diversify their livelihood activities so they don’t rely only on agriculture for income.

Without our help, even more already vulnerable people in the camp would lose their lives. You can help by donating here.