World Food Program USA Honors Samuel R. Berger With Inaugural Global Humanitarian Award

Published December 1, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, World Food Program USA (WFP USA) announced that it has given its inaugural Global Humanitarian Award to Samuel R. Berger in recognition of his decades of leadership helping families in need across the globe.

Sandy Berger’s foresight and political acumen led him to identify early on the nexus between conflict and global food security that defines humanitarian assistance in the modern era. He is a statesman dedicated to using U.S. policy as a stabilizing force around the world.

As a visionary on foreign policy issues, Berger has been a leader in WFP USA’s efforts to explore and identify the roots of food insecurity and its effects on U.S. national security and interests abroad.

“We are honoring one of America’s most devoted and influential humanitarian champions,” said Rick Leach, President and CEO of World Food Program USA. “On behalf of WFP USA, Sandy has been our principal voice in advocating that the U.S. and the world respond effectively to the greatest humanitarian challenge of our generation.”  

Since 2009, as the Treasurer/Secretary of WFP USA’s Board of Directors and as a member of its Executive Committee and Public Policy Working Group, he has spearheaded efforts to reform the international humanitarian aid system to better address the needs of 60 million people displaced by war. Throughout his career, Berger demonstrated a sincere and unwavering commitment to humanity, especially families struggling to overcome hunger and poverty across the globe.

In honor of his work, the Samuel R. Berger Humanitarian Fund has been established by WFP USA to focus on creating innovative solutions to address the unique challenges confronting humanitarian organizations today. Thanks to Berger’s vision, WFP USA has been at the forefront of efforts to meet these unprecedented demands.

Throughout his tenure as a WFP USA board member, Berger has been instrumental in building and expanding the organization, applying the same tireless commitment to this role that he was known for throughout his tenure at the White House.

“Sandy’s passion and dedication to helping the world’s most vulnerable people inspires us all,” says Leach.

Berger entered the international arena while working for the State Department as Deputy Director of Policy Planning for Secretary of State Cyrus Vance from 1977 to 1980. He returned to public service after practicing law, serving as Deputy National Security Advisor and National Security Advisor during the Clinton Administration. His deep sense of humanity led him to craft U.S. policy in benefit of the greater good, those most marginalized around the world. During this time, Berger was responsible for such initiatives as the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), expanding preferential access for imports from beneficiary Sub Saharan African countries; and expanding cooperation and trade with India and China.

Berger is a Chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group, where he is involved across the firm’s engagements and regions with a strong focus on Asia, Russia and Central Asia, and the Middle East. He also serves on the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Doha Center and a member of the International Crisis Group Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Advisory Board of National Security Network, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Co-Chair of the Senior Working Group on the Middle East at the United States Institute of Peace.

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Erin Cochran
Vice President, Communications
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