World Food Program USA Welcomes the International Food Assistance Provisions of the Farm Bill

Published January 27, 2014

Programs will improve the lives of millions of hungry people

In response to the release of the Farm Bill conference report, World Food Program USA President and CEO, Rick Leach, said:

“We commend the work of the Farm Bill conferees, particularly Chairman Stabenow, Ranking Member Cochran, Chairman Lucas and Ranking Member Peterson for their bi-partisan leadership to ensure that international food assistance programs, such as those run by the World Food Programme,  have the greatest impact possible.

In the face of the escalting crisis in Syria, coupled with emerging humanitarian conflicts in South Sudan and the Central African Republic, millions of people around the world are facing hunger on an unprecedented scale. The support the U.S. Congress will provide through the Farm Bill is critical to meet these growing needs. This legislation also supports strong U.S. food aid development, school feeding and nutrition programs that address chronic hunger.

We urge swift passage of this legislation by the House and Senate and call on our supporters to contact their Members of Congress to ask them to support the Farm Bill.”

Provisions that improve international food aid include:

  • Authorizes $80 million for local and regional food procurement. Buying local food from local and regional markets saves time and money in many circumstances and also helps support local agriculture.
  • Increases cash flexibility for development programs. Development food assistance programs often combine a mix of cash and food to achieve their goals. One size does not fit all in the case of development assistance. This provision allows NGOs to more efficiently program their resources for the benefit of hungry people.
  • Supports efforts to improve the nutritional quality of U.S. food assistance. Developments in food science demonstrate that food products can be designed to better meet the special needs of young children. This provision supports U.S. efforts to get the right nutritional products at the right time to kids in greatest need.


About World Food Program USA

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