Cargill Inc.

Cargill has been a partner since 2001, providing support for a range of different programs to reduce hunger and improve food security. In 2016, Cargill committed to a multi-year investment to boost smallholder farmers’ access to markets and increase the food security of food insecure school children in three markets. The interventions focused on local production of school meals and forming a sustainable relationship between farmers and schools. In 2017, Cargill was a key participant in WFP’s first-ever U.S. corporate response to emergency hunger relief to prevent famine and contain the spread of hunger in East Africa. Most recently, Cargill has pledged to continue their support of WFP’s work by sponsoring a WFP Innovation Accelerator Boot Camp in 2019 which will tap into entrepreneurs and start-ups to identify and scale solutions to address hunger and food security worldwide.

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