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Through a commitment to quality research, World Food Program USA shapes policy on key international food security and humanitarian issues.

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Winning the Peace in Humanitarian Emergencies

More people than ever are displaced because of violence, conflict and persecution. Today, 79.5 million people—a full one percent of humanity—are displaced from their homes, more than any other time in recorded history.

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Photo: WFP USA Early Childhood Malnutrition and Humanitarian Emergencies

Malnutrition is devastating for children. It threatens their lives and, if they survive, can lead to lifelong consequences. This report features global trends, case studies and solutions - so we don't lose an entire generation to hunger.

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Climate Change, Food Security and Humanitarian Emergencies

The impacts of climate change are threatening a complex global food system that is already struggling to meet the needs of a growing and changing population. This report outlines the people and places that are most effected and what we must do to help them.

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Photo: WFP/Giulio d'Adamo Climate Change and Food Security: A Test of U.S. Leadership in a Fragile World

This CSIS global food security project brief, co-authored by our sr. director of public policy, Dr. Chase Sova, discusses the threat climate change poses to global food security, and its potential consequences to humanity.

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Winning the Peace: Hunger and Instability

Winning the Peace examines what can happen when people do not have enough food at a time when more than 20 million stand on the brink of starvation. This report is among the most in-depth reviews of research on the link between food insecurity and instability ever produced.

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Humanitarian Crisis Report

A dramatic increase in protracted conflict and displacement combined with an ever-increasing number of natural disasters has resulted in widespread human suffering. Explore the recommendations designed to better meet the needs of the people affected by the growing number of crises.

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From examining the links between hunger and global instability to analyzing the U.S. government’s global food security support, read more about our work in these publications.

Featured Op-Eds
Photo: WFP/Marco Frattini/2022 The ‘Year of Catastrophic Hunger’ Just Got More Catastrophic

The conflict in Ukraine puts enormous strain on a global humanitarian system already buckling under the pressure of 44 million people facing famine – numbers we haven’t seen since WWII, if ever.

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Photo: WFP/Arete/Ed Ram The Future of International Relief: Co-Creation With the Private Sector

As we move into the next decade, we need to re-imagine how we do our work. What technologies and approaches could we develop in the future to solve humanitarian crises?

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Photo: WFP/Arete/Ed Ram To Keep People Giving in the Pandemic, Trust in Nonprofits Is Essential

Nonprofits have the tools and experience to heal the world, and expectations are high. We must do everything we can to live up to them.

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