After One Year of COVID-19, What Lessons Have We Learned About Hunger?

Make no mistake: COVID-19 has made the hungry hungrier and the poor poorer. But how? What does the next year hold? Chase Sova, WFP USA senior director of public policy and thought leadership, takes a look back at the impact of COVID-19 on global food security and tells you what you need to know.

How Blockchain Is Helping WFP Fight Against the Coronavirus in Bangladesh

Blockchain is helping people in the largest refugee camp in the world get quicker, easier, more straightforward access to the lifesaving assistance they need.

World Food Program USA Announces Spring 2021 Grantee of the Catherine Bertini Trust Fund

Girls Gotta Run in Ethiopia has an innovative model of using sports to build girls’ confidence and guide them in setting and obtaining goals - critical skills for girls to succeed in school and beyond.

Vital Air Links in Crisis Countries at Risk as Humanitarian Air Service Faces Severe Funding Gap

The critical lifeline transports humanitarian workers and lifesaving cargo to some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach locations

These Are the Top 6 Reasons Women Are Hungrier Than Men Today

In nearly two thirds of the world’s countries, women are more likely than men to suffer from hunger and food insecurity. Here are the top six reasons why.

How Blockchain Technology Is Helping Refugees Grocery Shop in Conflict Zones

Bassam and his children fled conflict in Syria, landing at a refugee camp in Jordan. He tries hard to shop for ingredients from home to share with his kids. That loving errand has been made much easier with blockchain technology.

Coding Out of Conflict: How Technology Can Help Refugees Rebuild Their Lives After War

Technology is changing the future of work, and there’s no reason refugees should be left behind in the process. Enter EMPACT.

The Future of International Relief: Co-Creation With the Private Sector

As we move into the next decade, we need to re-imagine how we do our work. What technologies and approaches could we develop in the future to solve humanitarian crises?

To Keep People Giving in the Pandemic, Trust in Nonprofits Is Essential

Nonprofits have the tools and experience to heal the world, and expectations are high. We must do everything we can to live up to them.

Meet SHERP: The All-Terrain Vehicle Helping Us Save Lives in the Hardest-to-Reach Places

Meet the river fording, jungle trekking, all-terrain vehicle that's helping us get food to people in the most remote places. 

WFP Chief Warns of Looming Famine as Yemen Faces Countdown to Catastrophe

In an address this morning to the UN Security Council, WFP's CEO David Beasley made an urgent appeal: "Don’t turn your backs on the people of Yemen."

Schools, Health and Nutrition — Why Coronavirus Demands a Rethink of Education

Carmen Burbano, Director of School Feeding at the World Food Programme, says we must rethink the entire education system or risk a "generational catastrophe."

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