Facing Abductions, Looting & Harassment to Reach People in South Sudan

WFP faces a dizzying number of challenges in delivering assistance to the 5 million people who need it. Abductions, looting, harassment and illegal checkpoints are only the beginning.

South Sudan Inaugurates European Union-Funded Bridge in Warrap State

The 400-foot long bridge will connect tens of thousands of people and is key not only for humanitarian operations but is expected to boost farm-to-market access and commercial activities in the region as well.

The 4 Pillars of Food Security

The Four Pillars of Hunger

For the third year in a row, hunger is on the rise – 821 million people across the globe are hungry. In a world of such abundance, how can that be? To help you better understand, we’ve explained the four pillars that affect food security: availability, access, utilization and stability. Watch to learn more about why people go hungry, and what you can do to help.

Overcoming Poverty, Violence and a 6-Hour Walk to School

“We simply believe that girls have the right to an education and deserve to have their voices heard.” - Zack Fowler, Executive Director of WISER International

Overcoming Hunger and Conflict in South Sudan

Life has been hard for Nyagiech, hunger a constant battle, but with WFP's help she can provide her family with the food they need to survive.

The Baggari Breakthrough: Reaching the Unreachable in South Sudan

When violence cut off 28,000 people from lifesaving assistance back in June in South Sudan, WFP found a way to bring lifesaving supplies.

Report: Hunger On The Rise—Again

In 2017 the number of hungry people rose to 821 million according to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report released today.

My Glimpse of Suffering in Syria

My Glimpse of Suffering in Syria

Transforming a Child’s Fate in the First 1,000 Days

Transforming a Child’s Fate in the First 1,000 Days

Breaking News: Food Reaches Besieged Area in Syria

Since 2013, 400,000 people have been trapped in a besieged area of Syria without reliable access to food and medicine.

Empowering Refugee Women for Food Security and Nutrition

Giving Rohingya women control of food assistance cash entitlements helps them enhance their social role and feed their families better